Posted: 2019-02-21
Event Date:
Open to all - Starts at 9am, stay as long as you can or want Cost: $5 suggested donation, though no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Where: the Dunbar/Spring Community Garden/Orchard space (NW corner of 11th Ave and University Blvd). After demonstration we will move to various parts of the neighborhood to get supervised hands-on… See more
Posted: 2019-02-12
Treasurer's Report: $1216.67 Announcements: Downtown branch credit union is closing. We have our neighborhood fund account at this credit union. There’s another branch on 22nd. Do we want to stay with our current credit union or move to another credit union? Not voting on this yet. Looking into First Credit Union on Stone Ave. first. Board Elections are on… See more
Posted: 2019-01-27
$1216 in DSNA account. Announcements: 12/18/2018 - Doggie Daycare and code amendment 03/23/2019 - Community archivist training program from 1 to 4 pm (product of ASU grant) Barrio Viejo is filing for a National Historic Landmark status. This status will extend to portions of Armory Park and Barrio Santa Rosa. City of Tucson Parks and Rec. - New director is… See more
Posted: 2018-12-28
Treasurers $2221.67 – no change. But there will be a check paid for $700 for the 100-year home map Announcements Dec 5th – Public hearing about the end of the Infill Incentive District. Last chance for input before Mayor/Council. Dec 5th – Public hearing on amending medical marijuana zoning. There has been discussion on the list about the TEP substation in the neighborhood. TEP has perhaps… See more
Posted: 2018-12-27
Event Date:
Time: 8:00 am for a planting demonstration, then keep going to various parts of the neighborhood. The demonstration will show you how to plant the rain to maximize its potential, how to plant food-bearing native trees by seed and/or with nursery stock to maximize passive summer shading/cooling, and how to recycle/plant prunings and leaves as fertility-building, carbon-sequestering, pollutant-… See more