Posted: 2015-12-08
by Brad LancasterTwenty-three volunteers and neighbors showed up to help plant rain (with water-harvesting basins/earthworks, twenty-two food- and medicinal-bearing native trees, and fertility (with cut up prunings placed within the basins). This brings the total number of trees planted at our neighborhood’s annual tree plantings to about 1,425! This was also the 20th annual tree planting by… See more
Posted: 2015-11-12
Event Date:
Time: Join Dunbar/Spring neighbors Sky Jacobs, Brad Lancaster, Omar Ore-Giron, Rocky Yosek, Ezra Roati and others at 7:30 am for a planting demonstration, then keep going to various parts of the neighborhood.The demonstration will show you how to plant the rain to maximize its potential, how to plant food-bearing native trees by seed and/or with nursery stock to maximize passive… See more
Posted: 2015-11-11
See more info at the City Planning and Development Services here. There is an informational meeting on November 16 from 5-6 pm at 33 W University (Merle's Automotive).
Posted: 2015-10-08
Event Date:
Meeting Notification for redevelopment project - Oct 15, 6pm at 601 N Stone.New Cirrus Visual Office Development PlanDP15-0135 & lnfill Incentive District T15PRE0081Re-development of the existing Auto Repair Garage located on the Northwest corner of Stone Ave and 5th Street to an office use. This will be home to Cirrus Visual, a local Marketing and Design company. The proposed remodeling of… See more
Posted: 2015-08-30
She and her husband Robert used to live at 226 W University Blvd. Long before moving there with Robert she would visit that house every summer as a child. Her grandfather Landy W. Johnson, Head Deacon and a Trustee at the Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, had his barber shop in the house. His image is on the historical crossroads sign at 11th Ave and University Blvd. You will also see the… See more