February 2017

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Monday, February 20, 2017

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Treasurer’s Report – Currently all neighborhood money is located at Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union ($1,446.01).


Ezra sent around a piece of mail from the city that discusses amendments to the Unified Development Code – there are more permitted uses in industrial zones.


  • Ron Spark and Jamie Galeta, Mayor’s Office
    • Update on the home buyer’s program. 14 neighborhoods have identified up to 350 properties that might be eligible. There was a home buyer’s fair at the U of A – over 200 people showed up with interest in buying homes.
    • The city has connected to 10 real estate brokers to work on this project – we can identify others that we want to be a part of it.
    • Next phase is to have two more employer-based home-buyers fairs – one for TMC employees on May 31st, and one for city and county employees set for August. There are breakout sessions about credit scores and pathway to purchase programs, plus neighborhoods can set up tables with information about nearby neighborhoods.
    • You can go to the city of Tucson website for more info: http://www.mayorrothschild.com/initiatives/help-for-homebuyers/
  • Picnic in the park
    • Neighborhood fun event on April 23rd from 4-7 in Estevan Park, 1000 N. Main Ave
    • This is a leave-no-trace event, bring your own food (not a potluck), your own seating, tables, plates, utensils, etc. Walking/biking with a trailer of sorts is encouraged rather than driving.
    • We have a beer permit – beer in cans allowed, no other alcohol or glass bottles allowed.
    • This is an opportunity to meet your neighbors and meet your park!
    • Info will go out on the newsletter, e-mail list, bulletin boards, facebook page, etc.
      Motion we move forward with date, time, location and $50 for possible reimbursement. Approved 9-0.
  • Garden update
    • Becky is monitoring the water usage in terms of the garden plots, what the Dunbar Coalition owes and what the neighborhood owes. The coalition pays $50/month towards the water bill. Becky (and possibly other gardeners) will pay the amount over this.
    • If you want to get involved, contact becky.graseck@gmail.com or e-mail Ezra and he will pass along Becky’s phone number.
  • Verizon update
    • We have not gotten a response from Verizon to our request letter other than we know they have moved forward and turned in their application to the city.
    • Natasha contacted TEP and they have indicated they need a request from Verizon itself to see if there are other poles that might be usable for this project (further south of Merle’s). Ezra will contact Verizon and ask them to contact TEP.
  • Sahara update
    • They have contracted with Primavera Landscaping to work on the issues – should be complete within 3-4 days. They will be starting on the south side of the property.
    • We discussed the idea of possibly once/year sending out letters concerning right-of-way walkability to property owners.
  • Curb Coring
    • 30 people showed up and about $2000 worth of work was completed. The pedaling arborist taught about pruning and lots was learned. 13 locations had curb coring happen. Another workshop will be held on Sept. 2nd with a tree planting workshop in the fall.
  • Urban Forestry
    • Motion to appoint Brad and Omar as leaders of urban forestry subcommittee. Approved 9-0.
  • Neighborhood elections
    • Will be held at April meeting.
    • Ezra is not interested in being president again – he is willing to be co-president with someone else only until August. Please encourage neighbors to run for office.

Committee Reports

  • DNARC – report sent out earlier. New downtown dining guide created. Feldman’s neighborhood having issues with the possibility of a new U of A dorm that is outside of the line the U of A agreed to. Town West is working on a new plan for the platform site (loading docks on 9th Ave) – they will present to El Presidio first. Armory Park has a developer challenging a location within the Historic Preservation Zone.
  • Downtown Links – no report
  • WAMO – we will ask David Lesser to send a monthly report
  • Garden – discussed earlier in meeting
  • Dunbar Coalition – Passed on information about students still parking on 2nd Street. There are no trespassing signs posted on the wall
  • Speedway/Stone – no word from developer or Trader Joe’s
  • 11th Ave Parcel – Karen and Ezra will ask Glenn from the city and Pima County Land Trust to attend our March meeting
  • Walkability – first meeting to take place later this week

Motion to approve January 2017 minutes. Passed 8-0.