May 2017

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Monday, May 15, 2017

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Dunbar Coalition will do a cleanup on the 20th (so there will be a dumpster from the 18th to the 23rd). Please do not use the dumpster until after the cleanup day.

There is a scam artist who has been visiting houses and asking for 67 dollars for different reasons. That money probably isn’t being used for stated purpose. One person gave $1500 for stucco work that he did not do.

Next month, Ann Chanecka from the City of Tucson (Bike Ped program) will talk about Main St plans. If you haven’t voted yet on Prop 101, tomorrow is your last chance to drop off the ballot. Main St plans will vary depending on Prop 101
Next Tuesday digeridoo program at the library.

There have been a number of house break-ins recently.

Meeting coming Wednesday with Bill Staples and Beth Ford and analysis of gentrification downtown. Proposal is to allow people to pay property taxes monthly versus twice a year to make the amount more manageable.

Dunbar Spring neighborhood could apply for Arizona Creative Communities Institute grant for an artistic residency.

Treasurer’s Report

Same amount in the bank account, $1446.01. Sky as the new treasurer will need to get on the account.



The city owns part of the land at the corner of Speedway/Stone, private developer owns the rest in an L shape parallel to the Best Western and 9th. In 2006, the developers made their presentation and it caused conflict in the neighborhood. The city said they would not sell their land unless the neighborhood accepted the proposal, which we did not, so they did not develop.
Some people do not attend neighborhood meetings because they are angry about how this was discussed.
City has been reevaluating their vacant land to see what can be sold, since they are in bad economic shape. City wants to sell as a single parcel. They are willing to put restrictions on sale, based on neighborhood’s guidelines.

In 2012, there was a meeting for input on the parcel in an attempt to be proactive rather than reactive. Karen passed out the list of guidelines from that meeting, and if people have additions they can put them on sticky notes. The list was posted on people’s doors and people were invited to provide input. One person called Karen, five emailed, one dropped off suggestion in a box. Meeting participants added sticky notes with other ideas to the list.
Two developers’ proposals in previous years was gas station or student housing. Trader Joe’s is not interested in opening a store there.

City will not accept a long list of guidance. Three pieces: what we want to see, what we don’t want to see, things negotiated with developer. Participants put one smiley face per section on the piece that is most important to each person.
Locally owned businesses was important, as well as grocery and café/restaurant. There was also a priority against gas station, convenience store, and student housing. In the third category, people emphasized architectural character and not having building above three floors.

Will write up list for people not at the meeting. Will touch base with Steve Arnquist about these thoughts. We need more input, since only 20 people have offered an opinion. Joanna recommended sending out the list out again on the listserv and soliciting feedback. Natasha offered space at Originate to do this dynamic again with more participants.

Conserve to Enhance (C2E) grant

Grants to reduce flooding, enhance the watershed. Brad is interested in the neighborhood to apply to either fund a chicane or two close to an existing one. Sky contributed that the C2E grant is moving away from that sort of project, since their focus is on the wash. Funding a project on 1st or 5th (which are washes) would be more appropriate. There is only $10,000 total for this grant cycle.

Second idea is funding the curb coring and basins. In the past C2E has funded those projects. Each curb core is $150. If the neighborhood had an idea, they could submit that rather quickly without going to the work of the grant.
The neighborhood has wanted to do a greenbelt in the middle of 1st to slope and catch the water, but that would cost $50,000.
Gail mentioned that on Perry, there is a drainage ditch that is not well done. If there aren’t other ideas, it could be a possibility to extend and deepen that ditch. There is quite a bit of ponding water there during monsoon.
Deadline is May 31st for step one. Have to vote at this meeting if we are going to apply. Could submit both the curb core and the drainage ditch ideas and see what they decide.
M (Karen)/ S(Natalia)/ A. Motion to put in a neighborhood application for funding for curb cuts. Motion passed by unanimous assent (11 to 0).

Todo Tucson municipal ID

Joanna presented the idea of Dunbar Spring endorsing the Todo Tucson municipal ID. The idea of the municipal ID is to help access to city services for individuals who are homeless or undocumented.
A number of questions about the IDs. Joanna will reach out to the Todo Tucson coalition and get clarification, to then vote on the proposal for next month. The primary questions were:

What other uses?

How to prove identity for the ID?

How many cities have the ID?

Interaction with county services, such as Pima County?
Picnic in the Park
There were 50 people at the picnic, lots of kids attended. Would like to do the picnic again, perhaps in the fall. Perhaps next time we can do it in conjunction with Barrio Anita. Became a potluck. No issues with the other park residents.
Question of why it was not in the garden, and the reasoning is that there was not enough space. The park was a nice space.
Queen Avenue
Ward 1 office has heard of the problems. As far as people can see, it seems to be in order, but no one with those issues was present at the meeting.
Committee Reports

DNARC – Want to write a letter to Members of Congress in support of the Historic Tax Credit Improvement, which supports city grants for historic building improvement (such as Fox Theater). Reevaluating downtown lighting (all are owned by different entities). Discussions with Ward 5 about public restrooms. There will be a change machine at Ronstadt. Health on Broadway building for medical services. Wig-O-Rama has closed and Peach Properties has bought the building. Dia de San Juan celebration was cancelled but is now back on and will be Friday, June 23rd. Rincon Heights area developer building student housing will use original zoning. El Presidio is still exploring platform site.

Downtown Links – Nothing new.

WAMO – Nothing new.

Neighborhood Garden – There was a vegetable sale on Friday from 5-6pm. Apparently the vegetables were delicious.

Dunbar Coalition – New board members: Debi Chess-mabie. Both buildings are eligible for historic designation, so Debbie is working on application. She just recently moved to the neighborhood. Digna wants to partner with Dunbar. Centennial celebration in the works. Someone donated t shirts to Dunbar Coalition to sell and keep profits. Juneteenth will be June 17th. There will be a gospel jubilee fundraiser June 3rd. Terry Thomas is looking for entertainment for the 3rd and 17th. Starting a wish list of wants and needs for the future related to health, education, etc.

11th Ave Parcel – Revised sketch site plan and design guidelines with more specificity. Will send out to read and comment, for a vote at the June meeting. Glenn wants to move forward. Principal changes were focusing on a row house feel facing 11th Ave; on street parking; porches; interior courtyard for each house (which would maximize solar and greenspace); exterior walls masonry or insulated concrete form with stucco; porches with metal roof and wood construction; affordability in perpetuity. There will be seven to nine houses, could have duplexes on the corner lots. Right of way could be planted, but requires negotiation with City of Tucson about maintenance. There would be 2.5 parking spots per unit. Could have an option where residents can park elsewhere in neighborhood. No room for diagonal parking. Committee proposes submitting the design to the city. Will be sent to the rest of the neighborhood for a vote in June.

Walkability – No update.

Neighborhood Foresters – No update.

April Minutes
M (Natasha)/S (Sky)/A Motion to approve the April minutes. Motion passed by unanimous assent (11-0)