Posted: 2013-05-08
Here is an article about the arts and downtown Tucson. Dunbar/Spring is featured prominantly. Alex Newman, Special To The Chronicle      Tucson is skewing younger and hipper with coffeehouses, restaurants, shops and an artists' neighborhood that boasts a remarkable bike shop without any attitude.Read more:… See more
Posted: 2013-03-23
The board of the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association has its annual officer elections at the regular April meeting scheduled for April 15th at 7pm. Come vote on officers to represent the Association for the next year. Or if you'd like to run for a position, come to the meeting and announce your candidacy.Board positions include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and… See more
Posted: 2013-03-10
After a long, but productive process the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood, working with many entities including the Pima County and the City of Tucson, has finished putting in extensive water harvesting infrastructure, native vegetation, traffic circles, chicanes, neighborhood art, and more.We celebrated completion of the project on Saturday morning, braving cold and rain. Thank you to everyone who… See more
Posted: 2013-03-04
Event Date:
The celebration will take place at the Dunbar/Spring Community Garden at the corner of 11th Ave and University Blvd.There will be food and refreshments provided and several leaders will speak.Special thanks to the following organizations who helped bring these improvement to the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood:Supervisor Richard Elias, District 5, Pima County Board of SupervisorsVice-Mayor Regina… See more
Posted: 2013-01-23
A very successful pruning workshop on Jan. 19th was followed by participants practicing their new skills in the neighborhood. We worked on several blocks of 10th Ave. and on University Blvd.We cleared several areas that interferred with pedestrian movement in the right-of-way, making walking in the neighborhood more enjoyable.If you would like to prune your own yard and/or right-of-way and have… See more