Posted: 2013-03-04
Event Date:
The celebration will take place at the Dunbar/Spring Community Garden at the corner of 11th Ave and University Blvd.There will be food and refreshments provided and several leaders will speak.Special thanks to the following organizations who helped bring these improvement to the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood:Supervisor Richard Elias, District 5, Pima County Board of SupervisorsVice-Mayor Regina… See more
Posted: 2013-01-23
A very successful pruning workshop on Jan. 19th was followed by participants practicing their new skills in the neighborhood. We worked on several blocks of 10th Ave. and on University Blvd.We cleared several areas that interferred with pedestrian movement in the right-of-way, making walking in the neighborhood more enjoyable.If you would like to prune your own yard and/or right-of-way and have… See more
Posted: 2013-01-08
The Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood will be having another “Chipped & Mulchy” day before the Brush and Bulky pickup beginning February 4th.Sign up by January 27 to be included in free chipping on February 1. If you want to participate you must sign up here. We need to keep track for the chipping contractor and must have a complete list by the January 27th, so make sure to sign up… See more
Posted: 2013-01-06
Town West has a development proposal for the area known as the Franklin Docks, where the All Souls procession used to end. They came to the D/S mmonthly meeting in Dec. to show a preliminary idea of what they would like to put on the site. Images are from what was presented to the neighborhood at that meeting.Here are notes from the meeting regarding the development: "Raul Reyes from Town West… See more
Posted: 2012-10-24
See this current map of proposed design of Downtown Links (Aviation Highway extension) showing the expanded culvert as well as shared use path.