Posted: 2016-09-30
By Brad Lancaster A bare beginning When I moved to the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood in 1994 much of it was not a pleasant place to walk. Most of the public right-of-way (the area between the street curb and property lines/fences) was just hot, bare dirt devoid of shade trees and other life. There were few sidewalks, but thankfully there was plenty of room for earthen footpaths.… See more
Posted: 2016-09-14
This event will take place on October 1st from 8am-12pm. Meet at the neighborhood garden (NW corner of 11th Ave and University Blvd). Please inform your adjacent neighbors of this event.  Our neighbor Omar of Native Roots Landscape and Design will show us proper pruning techniques, and to discuss Urban Forests and selecting the right sized tree for the space. Omar will… See more
Posted: 2016-08-22
Join us for a fun-filled event to showcase our neighborhood to the greater Tucson community!  All are welcome, so invite your friends and family to join us on Sunday October 16th from 1pm-3pm.  The tour will feature homes, gardens, local businesses, public art, and green infrastructure.  Tickets will be $5 day-of the event and can be picked up at the Neighborhood… See more
Posted: 2016-05-28
Today, May 28, the green seeds within the green foothills palo verde seed pods are ripe and sweet. Soon they will become starchy, then hard and brown. And next will be the mesquite pod harvest. To get more info on all this and more check out the Calendar of Events at, which all started right here in our neighborhood with our annual tree plantings and the mesquite milling… See more