Posted: 2016-05-28
Today, May 28, the green seeds within the green foothills palo verde seed pods are ripe and sweet. Soon they will become starchy, then hard and brown. And next will be the mesquite pod harvest. To get more info on all this and more check out the Calendar of Events at, which all started right here in our neighborhood with our annual tree plantings and the mesquite milling… See more
Posted: 2016-03-16
From Zinman's:Zinman's Food Shop, at 111 W Fourth St, is a purveyor and processor of plant based foods. We sell produce in season and mill grain into flour, which we sell and also bake into cookies, muffins, scones, and flat breads.We have hummus and other freshly made bean dips and other items that are ready to eat. We also have a vegan cafe featuring wok cooked vegetables for lunch and supper… See more
Posted: 2016-02-24
Paul Buckwalter, a neighborhood elder, mentor, community organizer, father, husband, and friend passed away February 15, 2016. There will be a memorial service at St. Phillip's in the Hills Episcopal Church, 4440 N Campbell Ave. at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 12 Below are some memories, an article on Paul, and his obituary.Article in AZ Daily Star: Retired priest loved people more… See more
Posted: 2015-12-19
A new book on the history of our neighborhood has just been released, "Dunbar: The Neighborhood, the School, and the People 1940-1965" by neighbor Aloma J. Barnes with a foreword by Chyrl Hill Lander. The back cover reads... "The story of Dunbar, the neighborhood that took its name from the school in its midst, is in many ways the story of America. An almost forgotten 160-acre swatch of land… See more