Posted: 2015-07-05
Non-native South American mesquites are a serious problem around much of Tucson. They are very weedy and sprout and grow quickly - see before half of image below. They are contamitaing the gene pool of the native velvet mesquite to the point where any mesquite that come up now on their own are either hybrids or mostly non-native genes. Velvet mesquite is a keystone tree of our region and is very… See more
Posted: 2015-02-10
-Written by Claire ZugmeyerHi Neighbors, I know many of us do a lot to save water. Conserve2Enhance (C2E) is a simple program that helps you put your water conservation efforts to work for the environment, including the environment in our own neighborhood. The Tucson C2E program links your water conservation to riparian restoration projects in the Tucson area. To date over $55,000 has been spent… See more
Posted: 2014-07-23
These are photos of a print, so forgive the quality. 
Posted: 2014-07-11
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Free for Dunbar/Spring residents, $5 for othersMeet at 813 N 9th Ave Led by Brad Lancaster We’ll show you how to collect, scarify (for germination), and plant native food tree seed within simple rainwater-harvesting earthworks in the public right-of-way to sustainably grow shade and enhanced habitat for people and wildlife. We’ll also plant multi-color flowering cacti with delicious fruits – a… See more
Posted: 2014-06-20
Desert Harvesters is organizing two events on June 22 (the peak of our native bean trees’ harvest season) to help people dramatically enhance the quality of their harvests, what they make with them, and how to better rhyme with the Sonoran Desert’s annual cycles in a way that enhances our shared home and biome. Toward that aim, we are also teaming up with local culinary businesses to increase… See more