2015 Tree Planting Another Success

by Brad Lancaster

Twenty-three volunteers and neighbors showed up to help plant rain (with water-harvesting basins/earthworks, twenty-two food- and medicinal-bearing native trees, and fertility (with cut up prunings placed within the basins).

This brings the total number of trees planted at our neighborhood’s annual tree plantings to about 1,425! This was also the 20th annual tree planting by Dunbar/Spring neighbors!Heat event vulnerability in Dunbar/Spring

And still more need to be planted.

This image shows areas with higher and lower heat extremes. Areas with higher vulnerability are orange and yellow. Areas with lowest vulnerability are blue. Green areas are shade tree canopies. Shade trees and other vegetation are one of the best ways to mitigate extreme heat event vulnerability due to their natural passive cooling ability, which can reduce summer temperatures by up to 20˚F.

The image was taken from the PAG Green Infrastructure Prioritization Tool – a free online mapping tool at gismaps.pagnet.org/PAG-GIMap/#/MapUser

Huge thanks to the following volunteers that helped plant this year:

  • Will Alvarado
  • Zotero Citlalcoatl
  • Andrew Flores
  • Concepcion Flores
  • Miguel García
  • Nicholas Georgiou
  • Danielle Howley
  • Jack Ijams
  • Lynn Jacobs
  • Sky Jacobs
  • Andrea Koushian
  • Brad Lancaster
  • Catherine Moutray
  • Omar Ore-Giron
  • Andrea Peña
  • Michelle Raygada
  • Ben Reynwar and kids
  • Ezra Roati
  • Scott Shepard
  • Joshua Villa
  • Eric Welch
  • Rachel Winch
  • Rocky Yosek

If you are interested in planting, be sure to participate in next year’s community planting or plant yourself now!