Harvest, Plant, and Celebrate Native Bean Tree (including mesquite) Abundance Before the Rains

Velvet mesquite Desert Harvesters is organizing two events on June 22 (the peak of our native bean trees’ harvest season) to help people dramatically enhance the quality of their harvests, what they make with them, and how to better rhyme with the Sonoran Desert’s annual cycles in a way that enhances our shared home and biome.

Toward that aim, we are also teaming up with local culinary businesses to increase the offerings of native foods in their cuisine, and the growing of some of these native food plants within water-harvesting earthworks beside their buildings.

First off, why is Desert Harvesters shifting from a November fiesta to now—the hottest, driest time of summer?!

Many of our most amazing native food plants are pumping out incredible fruit, seed, and bounty to be all ready to germinate into growing abundance when the first rains fall (Dia de San Juan, June 24th – is the traditional first day of summer rains). So to better harvest, plant, and live with this natural process, come to the following:

Pre-Monsoon Mesquite Milling
6-9 am Sunday June, 22nd, 2014
Exo Roast Co, 403 N 6th Ave

Harvesters’ Happy Hours
4-7 pm Sunday June, 22nd, 2014
Tap & Bottle, 403 N 6th Ave

(see flyer here)