Interactive story on water harvesting and Dunbar/Spring resident Brad Lancaster

Featuring video from our neighborhood with text about Brad's early days in Dunbar/Spring. This is a well-done piece.

American Oasis, Harvesting the Sky to Live in a Dry Land

From the article: "A year before he met Maseko, Lancaster and his brother, Rodd, brought a house in the neighborhood of Dunbar/Spring.They didn’t have a lot of choices.

Dunbar/Spring was a historic, ethnically diverse neighborhood, but one that had fallen on hard times. The first time it rained, water poured through the Lancaster’s roof. When Brad opened the door to take a look outside, it came off its hinges. Depressed, he sat down on the only perch available in the still empty house, the toilet. It fell through the floor.

Slowly, the Lancasters began to fix up their property, working on a shoestring, but keeping one goal firmly in mind: as much as possible, they would live on water that fell freely from the sky."

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