25th Annual Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Rain, Tree, & Native Food Forest Planting

Implementation is planned for this winter, exact dates will be announced once we have the permits.

Since 1996 this program has coordinated neighborhood & community volunteers to plant over 1,600 trees in the public rights-of-ways of the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood, along with hundreds of understory plants. These plantings are freely irrigated by rain and stormwater passively harvested within water-harvesting earthworks. All these neighborhood earthworks combined annually harvest over 1 million gallons of stormwater, that previously wastefully drained away. In 2020 we even expanded into an adjoining neighborhood. These plantings save you and our community water and money; grow shade, cooling, and comfort; help recharge our local groundwater; reduce flooding; sequester carbon; provide wildlife habitat; improve soil fertility; grow food, fiber, fodder, and beauty; build community; and enhance quality of life for everyone.

Let’s keep it going and expanding – invest in, and help steward, the pocket of the community forest adjoining your home, business, school, or organization now!

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