Get your native yard tree orders in by September 24th!

Be a part of the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Foresters Native Yard Tree Sale & and help plant the tree(s)

Order forms and payment must be received by midnight Friday, September 24th

Grow shade, food, wildlife habitat, and beauty around your home with 5-gallon-sized native trees available for $30 each, which will be delivered to your home by October 2, 2021.

We only offer low-water-use Tucson Basin native trees through this program as they are the best adapted to our local climate, soils, and wildlife. While many non-native trees died in the neighborhood in the record drought that preceeded this summer’s rains, the natives survived! And we need to shade up and cool off the bare spots in our neighborhood to help passively cool us as temperatures rise.

Tucson is the third-fastest warming city in the U.S.

Advice on tree choice and best planting locations available. Once shade trees grow to maturity, if planted on the east or west side of your home they can help reduce summer temperatures by over 20˚ F! Grow your air conditioners!

And by directing roof runoff and/or household greywater to the basins around the tree, you can irrigate the trees for free.

Volunteers will be available to help plant tree(s) within a water-harvesting basin for those in need. Availability of planters will depend on demand and number of planters who volunteer.

Direct questions to Brad at

Planting will occur Saturday, October 2, 2021

Want to volunteer to help your neighbors plant their trees in water-harvesting basins?
Let Brad know at and he’ll get you on the supervised team.

Flyer for Yard Trees Program & Hands-On Pruning Workshop

For more info see:

And don't forget the Hands-On Pruning, Mulching, and Tree Care Workshop this Saturday at 8am

Hope to see you at the workshop! And hope you order and help plant some yard trees!


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