Dunbar/Spring Community Development Plan (1995)

The Dunbar/Spring neighborhood is an area of great importance to the City of Tucson due to both its proximity to downtown and its deep cultural history. It was one of Tucson's first "suburban" areas and a predominantly African American area of Tucson, associated with the Dunbar School, located at the comer of Second Street and Main Avenue. Today, the neighborhood is one of Tucson's most integrated, with a diverse mix of Anglo, African American, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian residents.

The neighborhood is an area of growth and change, facing a number of complex issues. Commercial development, the construction of the last mile of the Aviation Corridor, and the proximity to downtown Tucson increase the levels of activity. The recent acquisition of the Dunbar School by the Dunbar Coalition will lead to further neighborhood development. These issues increase the need for the development of a planning framework in which the residents can be involved in the decisions for their own future.

The Dunbar/Spring Community Development Plan is intended to serve two purposes; first to be consulted as a reference for information about the physical conditions of the neighborhood and its residents. This information will come under the heading "Inventory and Analysis," covering demo- graphics, urban characteristics, historical resources, infrastructure, community dynamics, and issues and opportunities. The second purpose of this plan is to assess the goals and problems of the neighborhood based upon the information surveyed of the neighbor- hood residents. This section of the document is titled "Goals and Action Strategies." Information in this section will be the basis for future implementation.

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