Neighborhood Reinvestment Bond Funding support letter

May 9, 2013

Larry Hecker, Chairman, and Members Pima County Bond Advisory Committee
130 W. Congress, 10th floor
Tucson, AZ 85701

CC: Richard Elias

Re: Neighborhood Reinvestment Bond Funding

Dear Chairman Hecker and members of the Bond Advisory Committee,

We the residents of the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood in Tucson wish to express our support for the Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program and to ask you to stick to your 2010 recommendation to fund the program at the $30 million level in the upcoming bond package.

We are aware that county administration has recommended that the program be funded at only $20 million. But with rising construction costs and a growing demand for neighborhood improvements, we feel strongly that funding for this hugely successful program should increase.

Neighborhood improvements funded by this program have helped to beautify and enhance the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood substantially. Some of the improvements were even mentioned alongside the Hotel Congress and 4th avenue in a May 5th San Francisco Chronicle article as Tucson tourism highlights!

Please fully fund the neighborhood reinvestment program so that other communities in Pima County can realize the same benefits that our neighborhood has.

Sky Jacobs Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association President

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