601 N Stone to be remodeled for office use - informational and feedback meeting


601 N Stone Ave Meeting Notification for redevelopment project - Oct 15, 6pm at 601 N Stone.

New Cirrus Visual Office Development Plan
DP15-0135 & lnfill Incentive District T15PRE0081

Re-development of the existing Auto Repair Garage located on the Northwest corner of Stone Ave and 5th Street to an office use. This will be home to Cirrus Visual, a local Marketing and Design company. The proposed remodeling of this property will include Landscaping, Parking, Bicycle Parking, Removal of the existing roll-up doors, and complete remodeling of the interior for the owner occupied business. The location of the property is a gateway location to Downtown Tucson, creating a new life for an old structure, continuing the revitalization of the downtown area and the Stone Avenue infill Incentive District. We welcome you to attend the Neighborhood Meeting to discuss in person the project and to ask any questions you may have regarding this project.

Attached document has the full notice from development company.