Dunbar/Spring Porch Fest!


Tucson Porch Fest

Please join the historic Dunbar/Spring neighborhood for an afternoon of celebrating local musicians, food trucks, and the incredible fall weather in conjunction with the annual Mesquite Milling Extravaganza located in our one and only Dunbar/Spring community garden.

Tucson Porch Fest celebrates local neighborhoods and musical talent in a family friendly environment.

Photo credit: Warren Van Nest.

Here are some suggestions for enjoying Tucson Porch Fest:

This is a leave no trace event. Please pack all of your trash and bring your own reusable water bottle! Bring warm clothes!

Bring cash (lots of $1 and $5 bills) so you can tip the musicians (it's their only form of income for the event) and support the local food trucks that will be participating in the event.

Park your car and leave it for the evening. Tucson Porch Fest is best enjoyed by foot, wheelchair or bicycle.

If you must sit, bring a blanket or portable chair. A few chairs will be provided for people who have trouble standing.

Most porches will have refreshments available, but bring your own water bottle to cut down on waste.

Dunbar/Spring PorchFest Map