Dunbar/Spring Walkability Workshop by Living Streets Alliance


The Living Street Alliance (LSA) will be conducting a ‘Walkability Assessment’ in the Dunbar Spring neighborhood in the coming weeks and this event is the first phase (see attached files for more details).

First workshop is April 28th at 7pm at the Dunbar School - click on this story for more details.

This is where neighbors and community members come together to brainstorm and give input on where we walk and what encourages/discourages walking in our neighborhood. There will be refreshments and door prizes provided by neighborhood businesses.

This meeting will be held in the meeting room of the Dunbar School (325 W 2nd St - SW corner of the building.

Info on the first phase from LSA: The first activity is a 1.5-hour workshop hosted by LSA staff with interested residents, area businesses, schools, homeowners associations, neighborhood associations, etc. During the workshop, participants are given a brief introduction on walkability and the benefits of walkable neighborhoods. This presentation is followed by a mapping exercise designed to identify destinations within walking distance of the neighborhood, as well as walkability assets and challenges. For the second part of the workshop, LSA presents some street treatments for walkability improvements and gives residents the opportunity to discuss and identify where in their neighborhood these treatments might be beneficial. Participants are also asked to suggest streets for the second component of the program, the Neighborhood Walk & Talk.

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