How to Plant Sustainable Oases on the Cheap!


Free for Dunbar/Spring residents, $5 for others

Meet at 813 N 9th Ave

Led by Brad Lancaster

We’ll show you how to collect, scarify (for germination), and plant native food tree seed within simple rainwater-harvesting earthworks in the public right-of-way to sustainably grow shade and enhanced habitat for people and wildlife. We’ll also plant multi-color flowering cacti with delicious fruits – a different color on each block so you are encouraged to walk around the neighborhood to see every variety.

The idea is to help transform our public rights-of-way into enticing corridors of people, shade, food, water, wildlife, beauty, wonder, and joy.

Bring fingernail clippers; a hand tool - pointed shovel, hard rake, or pick; hat; water; snacks; and an eager willingness to plant and come back to help steward what we are trying to grow together.

Bicycles are welcome for those wanting to get around further, faster. This is an outdoor, hands-on participatory happening.

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