December 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

$1216 in DSNA account.


12/18/2018 - Doggie Daycare and code amendment

03/23/2019 - Community archivist training program from 1 to 4 pm (product of ASU grant)

Barrio Viejo is filing for a National Historic Landmark status. This status will extend to portions of Armory Park and Barrio Santa Rosa.

City of Tucson Parks and Rec. - New director is creating a new Park Ranger position as well as Park Ambassadors.

Menlo Park - Creating an official Neighborhood Plan. Karen Greene shares the steps for creating a Neighborhood Plan to be approved by Mayor and Council. K. Greene communicates that there are no “teeth” to these plans and that Mayor and Council and dismiss such plans in favor of developer plans. However, a plan would take “10 people and two years” so if Dunbar-Spring residents are interested in developing a plan in tandem with Menlo Park and Barrio Anita please contact K. Greene.

Additional announcements from Brad Lancaster:

Neighborhood Tree Planting on 01/19/2019. Participants need to contact Brad Lancaster by 01/01/2019 to meet permitting process deadline.

  • In addition a contractor will be hired in order to use a backhoe and dump truck to remove soil (costly) to meet code.
  • $700 per 5x5x1 basin ($350 per basin after city water harvesting rebate).
  • Right-of-Way planting only.
  • Any questions please contact Brad Lancaster

Annual Free Pruning and Mulching (Neighborhood Forsters)

  • 02/24/2019
  • Includes workshop
  • Meeting to TBA


Speed Hump/Traffic Circle

  • K. Greene had extended conversations with Elizabeth Leibold who is a civil engineer
  • with TDOT.
  • A traffic circle will not be approved on 1st Street and 10th Ave because the intersection
  • resides in a floodplain and sue to sewer lines.
  • Speed humps can be installed on 10th Ave at a distance of 150 feet from the
  • intersection (needs further clarification).
  • No speed humps on 1st Street.

12/18/2018 to 12/20/2018

  • University of Arizona water flushing. This will affect 1st Street.

Open floor discussion about involving Living Streets Alliance to tease out alternate plans for traffic calming on 1st Street. The recent street paining at 7th Street and 6th Ave is referenced as well as cut-outs in Iron Horse (9th Street) and the possibility of introducing angled parking.

Neighborhood Watershed Map Signage (Brad Lancaster):

  • West University Wash & Tucson High Wash
  • Map is intended to show that Dunbar-Spring is much larger than the arbitrary city
  • neighborhood boundaries.
  • Temperature map overlayed on watershed map to illustrate where future tree planting
  • could happen.
  • Estimate passed around for graffiti resistant laminated sign (24x18”) to be affixed to the
  • community board located at the Southeast corner of 9th Ave and University.
  • B. Lancaster request funds for the printing of the sign ($75).

Motion put forward by B. Lancaster and seconded by Eva-Marie Hube.

to fund the production of the Neighborhood Watershed Map Sign at $82 ($75 plus tax)

Vote: 14 ‘Yes’ , 0 ‘No’
* K. Greene advises B. Lancaster that she will write a check for the approved $82 upon request.

Buffalo Grass and Weed Removal:

  • B. Lancaster organized the a buffalo grass and weed removal. This required hiring a
  • contractor (herbicide application) and 70 volunteer hours.
  • A request for funds was put out to the neighborhood.
  • This service will be ongoing.
  • K. Greene proposes that the DSNA put funds aside for this service, which is a massive
  • benefit the neighborhood.
  • Joanna Williams proposes $100 to $150 be allocated for future service.

B. Lancaster puts a motion forward for a $50 symbolic one-time donation for future buffalo grass and weed removal services. Joanna Williams seconds the motion.

Vote: 14 ‘Yes’ , 0 ‘No’

Dutch Bros. Coffee

  • Brief general discussion regarding a Dutch Bros. opening on the Southwest corner of Speedway and Stone.
  • Dutch Bros. Coffee representative was invited to the DSNA meeting but did not confirm or attend.

Voting for Dutch Bros. Coffee proposal will be rescheduled for January 28th, 2019 meeting per K. Greene.

No More Deaths (presentation)

  • No More Deaths representative provides a brief summary of the advocacy group’s mission and goals.
  • No More Deaths is an advocacy group based in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, United States that seeks to end the deaths of undocumented immigrants crossing the desert regions near the United States-Mexico border.
  • DSNA is informed of upcoming trial involving four No More Death members facing misdemeanor charges involving leaving aid in a restricted area of Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Yard signs are distributed to DSNA meeting attendees for distribution throughout the neighborhood for community awareness.

Traffic Calming Signs (aka Bunny Signs)

  • Project summary provided by K. Greene for those who were unaware of previous discussion (please see previous months’ DSNA meeting notes).
  • K. Greene presents “bunny sign” options that were created by “Turtle”.
  • 12 inch signs are $12 to $16 each depending on quantity.
  • With poles ($30 per pole) the signs would be upwards of $50 (estimate).

General discussion ensues regarding the original idea of 6 signs for traffic calming that has transformed into a larger “art project”.

Motion for $200 of DSNA funds to pay for “bunny signs” on 1st Street with caveat that 8 more signs be purchased by neighbors put forward by M. Williams and seconded by Joanna Williams.

Vote: 4 ‘Yes’ , 9 ‘No’ , 1 ‘Abstain’

Historic Maps - 1000 maps.

  • General discussion about distributing maps

Committee Reports:


  •  Sun Tran driver situation de-escalation training
  • Keeping bathrooms open at Ronstadt and additional security
  • Potential new development 5th Ave and 7th St

Downtown Links

  • No updates

Neighborhood Garden

  • No updates

Dunbar School

  • No updates

October minutes

13 ‘approved’ , 1 ‘not approved’