April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Treasurer's Report: $1134.67


Cody Garhart speaks on behalf of Steve Farley for Mayor campaign. For more information please see https://stevefortucson.com/

Library Announcements:

Review of calendar of events for May.

Food for Fines: for every non-perishable canned goods donated to the library you will receive a $1 off overdue fines. ( more info at https://www.library.pima.gov/ )

Potential shipping container housing development on Stone Ave. The developers will attend the May DSNA meeting. ( more info at https://www.stackhouse.life/ )

The Rio Nuevo Board unanimously agreed to invest $2.1 million in a retail/restaurant/hotel project at the former Volvo dealership at East Broadway Boulevard and South Park Avenue. ( more info https://rionuevo.org/rio-nuevo-agrees-to-participate-%EF%BB%BFin-volvo-… )

Tucson Water (presentation)

Colorado River water supply. The contracted amount of Colorado River water that the City of Tucson is supplied is (the largest municipal contract in Arizona) 144K acre feet per year.

Current demand from the City of Tucson is approximately 100k per year.

Tucson Water currently stores approx. 6 years of water supply in underground recharge stations in Avra Valley.

Tucson Water has water exchange agreements with the cities of Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Tucson Water is revising their long range plans with a heavy focus on renewable water supplies.

Brief summary of The Santa Cruz River Heritage Project (more info here https://www.tucsonaz.gov/water/SCRHP )

Lead in Dunbar-Spring water service lines? Complete information on Lead and Copper water service line replacement can be found here: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/water/lead-and-copper

11th Street w/ Iris Patten of Geospatial Collaborative


11th Street is considered within an “opportunity zone”.


(from the Geospatial Collaborative website): In communities with histories of disinvestment and low quality of life, access gaps are often fundamental barriers of change. The challenge has and continues to be figuring out how to quantify the gap in a way that lends to identifying an appropriate livability standard at variable scales. The Opportunity Map illustrates the challenges impacting neighborhoods to achieve a livable quality of life.

Opportunity Rich Communities may have existing access to high performing schools, high property values, employment opportunities, transportation and transit, and high quality foods.

Opportunity Poor Communities lack in these areas and through mapping and community engagement, a quantifiable measure of what needs to be remedied is easily identified.

Opportunity Mapping is a process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting geographically referenced data to identify areas with more or less access to the infrastructure and services that people need in order to have healthy and more productive lives

Iris Patten summarizes how Geospatial Collaborative could provide tools for DSNA to access opportunity zone funding.

Additional information can be found in the DSNA March 2019 meeting minutes or by contacting Karen Greene directly.

DSNA Elections

President: 11 ‘yes’ , 0 ‘no’

Karen Greene

Vice President: 11 ‘yes’ , 0 ‘no’

Natasha Winnik

Secretary: 11 ‘yes’ , 0 ‘no’

Sean Morgan and Anna Montana

Treasure: 11 ‘yes’ , 0 ‘no’

Sky Jacobs

Parliamentarian: 11 ‘yes’ , 0 ‘no’

Joanna Williams


Dunbar-Spring Neighborhood Association sponsors Barrio Neighborhood Coalition in name and Karen Greene will represent DSNA.

10 ‘yes’ , 1 abstention

Committee Reports

DNARC - Peach Properties won development of the Ronstadt Center. Development agreement pending. https://www.downtowntucson.org/2017/04/the-ronstadt/

Downtown Links - No update

WAMO - No update

Community Garden - No update

Dunbar Coalition - No update

Neighborhood Foresters - Looking for buffalo grass funding. Reach out to Brad Lancaster.