August 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order

2. Sign-In & Introductions

3. Treasurer's Report

• $1089.67

4. Announcements - 7:00 pm

• Natasha reports on candidates City of Tucson is hiring for Housing and Community Development Department Director.

5. Committee Reports

• DNARC – Portable Ice Rink to be placed in Tucson on Toole Ave. City of Tucson’s birthday is August 20th. A new neighborhood called “Downtown Neighborhood” has formed North of Armory Park.

• Downtown Links - Granite Construction and Borderland sent in re-bids for project.

• WAMO – Postponed for next month.

• Neighborhood Garden – Neighborhood attendees expressed concern over new sign that says public is prohibited from entering garden during Idea School hours. Discussion over whether garden is public.

• Dunbar Coalition – Allison and Andrea working on social media campaign to tell stories about the neighborhood. Debbie Chess Mabie has the new title of Community Engagement Specialist. Dunbar Coalition is participating in United Way Days of Caring. Will commit $250,000 to 2020 operations. Bylaws have been voted on via email.

• Walkability – Postponed for next month.

• Neighborhood Foresters – Postponed for next month.

6. Discussion - 7:30 pm

• Police Resource Officer Meet and Greet (5 min) – Community Resource Officer (CSO) Peters, who oversees operations division West is joined by officer John Jackson, sector 8 officer for squad five (which extends from Speedway to 19th and Campbell to I-10). Updates on neighborhood crime and safety.

i. Program “Special Mission Deployments” has focused patrols in neighborhood “hot spots” for crime. Officer Peters encouraged reporting any crimes, as reports are added to database. When reporting mental health issues via 911, tell the dispatch you would like a “welfare check,” and be descriptive of condition and appearance of individuals. Questions that are not emergency related (i.e. general lawfully questionable activity) should not be directed to non-emergency number. That number changes often and is often sent to voicemail. Non-emergency concerns can instead be directed to Officer Jackson at To voice issues or propose solutions, attend DAC (Division Advisory Committee) meeting Wednesday 8/21 @ 6pm at Tucson Rillito Police Department located on 1310 West Miracle Mile.

• Dunbar Spring Project Funds Proposal - VOTE (5 min) – Discussion over how to track funds and how to notify people of proposed projects. i. Project Funds Proposal passes by majority.

• Parks and Rec - Brent Dennis - Estevan Park (30 min) – Thanks TPD for newly appointed “Park Safety Officers,” designated to patrol city parks. Mentions another newly formed branch of Parks and Rec. employees (“B Shift”) who patrol parks between 8pm and 3pm, looking for basic maintenance needs. Encourages park users to report issues to Parks and Rec. Updates on park issues.

i. Estevan Park has been allotted $576,469 to be spent over two periods on installing LED lights on Soccer field and renovating existing basketball court surface, irrigation system, and existing Celebrate the 244th anniversary of the founding of the Tucson Presidio with free birthday cake, music/performances, Tucson's historic flags, community tables, and information.

• Brent plans on attending October 21st Dunbar neighborhood meeting. Additional questions can be sent to

• Welcome brochure and meeting signs - Possible VOTE (10 min) – Tabled for September.

• Update on TEP wall (2 min) – Wall scheduled to be built sometime next summer. Painting can take place directly on brick wall. Neighborhood is looking for variance to allow for higher wall. Asking for letters to be written to support a higher wall. parking lots. Old boxing gym not to be renovated as of now. Parks and Rec has begun posting signs at park splash pads that designate “Kid Zones” to deter adults (who aren’t accompanying children) from using spaces intended for children, and have intention to begin using similar signage at jungle gyms. Questions arose over extending hours of summer pools, opening bathrooms for hours when park activities (e.g., rugby) are scheduled, migration from park to park of people experiencing homelessness (recognizing some may not want services but how to serve on a broader scope, such as providing storage, etc.).

7. July minutes approved.

8. Adjourn 9:10 pm