DSNA Meeting Minutes: April 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

(Video of meeting)

Call to Order (7pm) 7:07

Sign-In: Please introduce yourself and tell us if you keep any house plants, if so which ones? (703pm)

Faffs, Abra Bentley, Eddy Barron (Ward 1 Rep/Vice Mayor Lane Santa Cruz), Natasha, Desert, Cedar warman, Nicholas McCullough (District 5 Supervisor Adelita Grijalva), Jon, Lisa, Margie

Any Changes needed for the March Minutes? (710pm)

No changes for march minutes

Treasurer’s Annual Report (715pm)

Abra Bentley: We have $1065 in our account. And it is in Abra Bentley’s account.

President’s Annual Report (720)

We had some good success reopening the bathrooms at Estevan. There will be a party celebrating this accomplishment at Estevan Park, next Thursday, April 28th at 4:30PM. Carridad kitchen will provide food and Ward 1 will request the Parks and Rec party van.

The city is moving forward with trying to build housing on 11th Ave. parcel. This is exciting and also worrisome if the houses that go in are not actually affordable.


Eduardo Barron from Ward 1:

Painting the road on S 12th Ave, April 23 & 24 8AM-1PM. Meet at the New Life Community Center, 5245 S 12th Ave

Dia de la Niñez, Sat April 30th from 10AM-2PM @ the El Pueblo Center 101 W Irvington Rd. Come celebrate the joy, curiosity, and energy of childhood.

Jesse Soto from Transportation can come to the next meeting, there are two speedbumps available, we would have to pay $1000 by June. The speedbumps on queen were not approved because the street is too narrow.

Abra Bentley says they were approved. Please ask Flor for exactly what is needed.

Eddy agrees

Elections 10 min



Faffs volunteers

No other volunteers or nominations

Faffs is elected President (6 for Faffs)

Vice President


Desert accepts nomination.

Voting (6/0/0)

Desert is elected Vice President

We then realized there is no one willing to serve as secretary and Desert volunteers to serve as secretary

Desert resigns to stand for secretary.

No volunteers or nominations to stand for Vice President. This position is left open.



Abra Bentley accepts nomination

No other nominations

Abra Bentley is elected Treasurer (6 votes for Abra Bentley)



Desert volunteers to stand for Secretary

No other volunteers or nominations

Desert is elected (7 votes for Desert)



Faffs nominates Damian (with Damian’s consent, though he is not present)

There are no other volunteers or nominations

Voting: Damian is elected Parliamentarian (6 votes for Damian)

We will try and elect a vp at next meeting

Discussions (730pm) (20 min)

What’s up with the lights on the Sahara?

Natasha: faff’s can you ask ward 1 about what is going on with the code enforcement?

Faffs: yes, I will ask.

Reimbursement for website domain name renewal for 3 years to Sky ($43.51)

Faffs moves to pay

Abra Bentley seconds

Passes 6/0/0

Quarterly Evening Walk before the meeting

Faffs floats the idea of a quarter evening neighborhood walk to collect people before an in-person meeting.

There is general agreement that this is a good idea.

Faffs agrees to bring a formal proposal to the next meeting.

Meeting in person

Should we meet in person again?

Natasha: yes, if outside

General agreement.

Natasha volunteers originate if the meeting is small.

Faffs volunteers the Splinter Collective

Natasha says the whistle stop depot could be an option.

Faffs will research and incorporate into the proposal for next meeting.

Committee Reports (750)

11th Ave (Plots of vacant land behind Salvation Army)

Natasha: There has been a Request for Qualification that was due on April 10. Because the requirements were extensive, some groups that Natasha wanted to apply didn’t apply.

We should push to have two reps on the selection committee and two from Menlo

Abra Bentley: do we know how many quals were submitted?

Natasha: Ann Cheneka with Tucson Housing Dept. did want to disclose the number of bidders and who bidded because she wasn’t sure about the public records rules.

Jon: generally public bids are public information and they are generally discoverable.

Reports from the Field


No one present

Neighborhood Foresters

No one present

Historic Fourth Ave Coalition (HFAC)

Made in Tucson happened recently, it was very successful. All the money from that will be used for improvements in the area. About $10k. For safety, lighting, shade, all around the 4th Ave area.

Dunbar Coalition

Notes were posted to the listserve and read aloud in the meeting

Downtown Links

Natasha: Can we invite them to come to our next meeting?

Faffs will email them.

Barrio/Neighborhood Coalition

No one present

Adjourn (800)

General Discussion and Hangout if we want