DSNA Meeting Minutes: February 2022 Meeting Minutes

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Call to Order  (7pm)
Sign-In: Please introduce yourself and give a toast! Or tell us what kind of tea you are drinking (703pm)
Nicholas McCullough (pima county dist 5)
Flor from Ward 1
Valerie ElGhaouti from Pima Council on Aging
Karen Greene
Anna and Clay (and jack)
Damian Rawoot
Christopher Rolls
Lisa Scoblink
Approve January Minutes (710pm)
Moved by Karen
Anna second
Passed 7 in favor, 0 opposed
Treasurer’s Report (715pm) $960
Announcements (716pm)
Valerie ElGhaouti - Pima Council on Aging - Take Your Shot Campaign call for Volunteers
Mission is to promote dignity for aging & advocate for indepence for aging population in pima county. Goal to reduce vaccine hesitancy and educate importance of vaccination and increase vaccination rates. Only 1 in 3 adults over age of 51 have covid vaccine and booster. Increase awareness to at-home vaccinations and increase mobility to vaccination centers. Discusses who should be vaccinated. Campaigning for vaccines through canvassing, phone banking, and social media. Looking for volunteers. No experience needed. They provide training to volunteers. For questions or interest, email her directly velghaouti@pcoa.org.
Update from Ward 1
Flor Burruel will brief Council Member Santa Cruz on the concerns raised during the Grande Pianophone meeting and pass along the resolution of support for the SPOT program and our second letter requesting a plan and timeline for reopening the Estevan Bathrooms.
DSNA wrote letters to Ward 1 states supporting SPOT program (to support solutions to houseless persons). Flor from Ward 1 states interest and asks residents for recommendations and what has worked in other cities. Chris offers to share resources of what worked and what didn’t for solutions to houseless persons across US cities.
We will look for a time in March when the offers can meet with Council Member Santa Cruz to discuss these issues.
Discussed the repaving of Main Avenue and general disappointment among residents on lack of safe crossing (i.e., no bike lane or sidewalks) over the train tracks heading south. Faffs discussed how “quiet zone” is still to be negotiated by the Union Pacific railroad. Will be an upgrade in a couple of years, so all sidewalk renovation will have to be wait.
Discussions (720pm) (20 min)
Special Committee to Update the Bylaws for the Internet Age– Faffs and Chris worked on a revision of bylaw where residents can opt into a physical mailing. This way in order to pose a special election, DSNA would only have to notify residents via listserv. As such, the requirement to mail folks a newsletter in order to request such things as a special election will be eased. Also wants to clarify who is a voting member and indicate they must be at least 16 years of age. Also discuss changing number of terms people can serve on board. But this doesn’t preclude tendency for board members to rotate from president to secretary to treasurer, etc. Bylaw change is to propose that board members tap out every 3 years. No designated newsletter editor and propose to make that the job of the vice president. Propose making a position of a website coordinator/manager.

Share Findings and Propose Updates
Karen asked to not be able to change bylaws through listserv communications. Instead asks Ward 1 for finances for more newsletters. This is because bylaws should be difficult to change. And listserv is a very limited population.
Faffs says they are still proposing need to get 50 signatures in order to change bylaws. Thus it would still be difficult to change bylaws.
Discuss board term limits and decide not to force time-outs.
Next step is to synthesize feedback and decide what to do next.
Proposal to begin monitoring the Estevan Bathroom via web survey - Faffs (740) (POSSIBLE VOTE)-- shares google calendar indicating trends on bathroom being open and in good working order. Created survey in order for others to help monitor bathroom via a QR code to access survey on their phone. To help generate data on how functional estevan bathroom is. Vote for DSNA to adopt this estevan park bathroom monitoring program through QR codes.
Share Idea
Committee Reports (750)
11th Ave (Plots of vacant land behind Salvation Army)
Postponed for next month.
Reports from the Field 
DNARC– Had kevin dahl at last meeting to introduce him to group/vice versa. Most concerned about climate change and protecting most vulnerable. Dahl’s learning curve is huge. Concerned about 1st avenue project which is part of RTA plan. Also controversy over infill incentive district (which is to incentivize developer to develop in this area). Hotel Congress has new jazz club. SE corner of Euclid (those historic houses) have been purchased and will be moved by developer/purchaser). Talk of fifth street from campbell to wilmot is interested in a road diet. Neary Bronx Park is a new neighborhood association that started in september.
Neighborhood Foresters– postponed for next month.
Historic Fourth Ave Coalition (HFAC)- postponed for next month
Dunbar Coalition– looking for a new treasurer. Question about $34k in maintenance. 
Barrio Neighborhood Coalition– fought but did not win over gentrification and displacement 
Downtown Links– put in some stoplight structure for recent changes. 
Adjourn (800)
General Discussion and Hangout if we want

The chat log:
If you need a piano tuner, Dan can tune your piano -520-327-6477
From VElGhaouti to Everyone 07:00 PM
Hi, thank you so much for having me at your meeting.
From Anna & Clay & Jack to Me (Direct Message) 07:03 PM
From Nicholas McCullough (Pima County District 5) to Everyone 07:08 PM
Nicholas McCullough: Nicholas.McCullough@pima.gov OR District5@pima.gov (520) 724-8764
From VElGhaouti to Everyone 07:10 PM
Valerie ElGhaouti w/ Pima Council on Aging cell 5206587023 e mail velghaouti@pcoa.org
From Lisa Scoblink to Everyone 07:10 PM
Lisa Scoblink 827 N. 9th Ave, sun charged water
Me to Anna & Clay & Jack (Direct Message) 07:11 PM
From Christopher Rolls to Everyone 07:13 PM
Big $
From Karen G to Everyone 07:23 PM
There was an article in Sunday's paper about tiny home villages
From VElGhaouti to Everyone 07:24 PM
Denver has had a great deal of success in homing people and reducing community costs simultaneously.
From Flor W1 ella/she to Everyone 07:25 PM
Cell 5203392523
From VElGhaouti to Everyone 07:29 PM
Faffs I just want to make sure I won't end your call if I exit?
Me to Anna & Clay & Jack (Direct Message) 07:31 PM
no, go right ahead! thank you for coming!
From Karen G to Everyone 07:35 PM
really concerned as there are plenty of folks without internet access (me prior to 2020 for example)
I would feel a lot more comfortable if we were going to do a special election that we print and deliver by hand door-to-door
From Karen G to Everyone 07:51 PM
It wouldn't be a bad idea to just have that for the board.
From Lisa Scoblink to Everyone 08:09 PM
sent on listserve
last week
cool, thanks