DSNA Meeting Minutes: February 2023 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Call to Order (7:04pm)

Sign-In: Karen green, Damian Rawoot, Lisa Scoblink, Mark G, Abra Bentley, Margie Donovan, Flor, Michael J McKisson, Faffs Riederer, Tim Hagyard

Any Changes needed for the December 2022 minutes? No changes requested, Dec minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report

No changes, $743

Discussions (720pm*) (30 min)

New housing planned for 11th Ave (possible vote)

The Housing Department and the Developer want to host a public meeting in March to keep the neighborhood up to date on the project and get feedback on some plans and designs.

Downtown Links (possible vote)

Michael McKisson went to a meeting and has been Dept. of Transportation are aware of the cut through traffic, are going to look at some solutions.

They are looking at how to re-create the path bikes used to take near borderlands brewery that has been cut off by downtown “links”.

Mark: how many cars per day are anticipated on downtown links? What is the expected car count? What do they want drivers to do when they get to stone? There has been no plan published for guiding traffic If a month goes by and it is not remedied, we should raise some alarms.

Karen: no way anyone is going 30mph on that road Wide lanes. On a hill. Lots of pinch points for bikes.

Flor, can you find out about the closing for 5th St and/or Main? And can you ask about signage for what cars should do at Stone? Flor: Yes, I will invite Kristen who is the point person on infrastructure in our office to the next meeting. Also department heads are having open houses this week and that would be a good time to ask them about this. I will send an invite to these open houses to the Dunbar/Spring list.

Mark: Proposal for a three paragraph emergency objection letter to the lack of traffic mitigation plan for downtown links cut through. Mark will draft and Faffs will assist. Second: faffs

7 in favor, None opposed, No abstentions, Motion passes

Karen We should revisit the bad intersection at 1st and 10th There is a planned road diet on 5th/6th east of the university. General agreement that we should once again try to add stop signs at 1st and 10th.

Flor We are doing some participatory budgeting Asking for proposals that can be funded up to 10K Proposals close on Feb 28th Review process through march.

Asking for volunteer proposal evaluators https://www.tucward1.com/participatorybudgeting

Adjourn (7:40)

Video, part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUrAmQ-SaBo

Video, part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnE2YwNIVv4