DSNA Meeting Minutes: January 2024

Minutes Date

Call to order 7:03

Attendance/Introduction question: Karen Green - parliamentarian, John Bauer, Christopher Roll, Deborah Campion, Christy Stewart, Abra Bentley, Natasha Winnik, Brad Lancaster, Nicholas McCulllough - Pima County District 5, Faffs - President, Lisa Scoblink - Dunbar Coalition Liasson, Margie Donovan.

Changes/approval of previous month’s minutes
No changes, Dec 23 Minutes approved

Treasurer’s report: Abra: $663

Announcements (external and internal):

  • Plan Tucson Community Forums - Look for them! Participate!
  • Deborah - Midtown Reliability Project TEP
  • Brad - neighborhood was awarded 100K$ for traffic calming from Inflation Reduction Act
  • Neighborhood Foresters need help making sure that pruning happens properly. Pruning workshops planned for later this year, check out Dunbar Neighborhood Foresters Website for the announcement in coming weeks.
  • Bike Boulevard improvements are slated for spring of 2024?
  • Nicholas- Dist 5 Annual Youth Art Contest, check out the email list


11th Ave project: From Sarah Meggison: “We are not moving forward with FSL… (development contractor) We're working to hire another person to help me with the 10 development projects we have…”  We can take this off of the every month agenda for now.

Community Benefits Agreement with 941 N Stone Ave: Faffs will share the draft proposal we sent to Gabe

Elections: recruiting people to run. We will need: President, Treasurer

Newsletter: (I think it's due to the city 3-4 weeks before we want to have it mailed) - we should send one between the March and April meeting and make sure the bylaws info about elections is in there.  Technically, we should have the slate of folks listed before the election and would go in the newsletter.  Christy, as secretary this one is all you (sorry).

Block Pals

Parking permit program (Christopher), Christopher hasn’t been able to figure out where the parking money goes from the current Neighborhood Parking Program in Dunbar Spring, 8-5 restriction permit cost $48 year, 24/7 restriction permit cost $72. We may want to ask the city to move to diagonal parking.

Any updates on info about meeting signs, meeting about fence at playground, transportation grant for 10th Ave/1st street intersection, community benefits agreement, Natasha has 2 signs and will ask, Brad how many were printed, No other known signs still exist.

Any info about 10th Ave transportation grant? Christopher - response is expected in March

Quarterly meetings in person: when and where? Dunbar would be a great location - Lisa will check out this possibility, Whistle Stop also (being sold, however). Splinter Collective would be a possibility.

Reports from the field

  • DNARC (Downtown Neighborhoods and Residents Committee)
  • Downtown Links
  • Dunbar Coalition
  • HFAC (Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition)
  • Stone/Speedway
  • Splinter Collective
  • WAMO (Warehouse Arts Management Organization)
  • For the good of the cause - future topics

Adjourn 7:43

Video of the meeting