DSNA Meeting Minutes: July 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Call to Order  (7pm*) 
Sign-In: Please introduce yourself and tell us what would you want if I was going to the taco shop. (703pm*)
Damian Rawoot - carne asada
Karen Greene -ceviche tostada
Matt Williams -torta
Faffs Riederer - BCR Burrito
Tim Hagyard - carne asada tacos/veg burrito
Sky - Carne Asada Tacos
Flor (ward 1)- carne asada tacos/tripas
Ernest (city HCD)- cabesa, tripa, lengua
Nicolas McCullough (Pima County, Adelita Grijalva) - 
Gail - green corn tamales
Lisa Scoblink -first tacos
Patricia Schwartz (Living Streets Alliance) - Veg burrito
Desert - tacos cabeza 
Billy Smith

Any Changes needed for the May or Minutes? (710pm*)
No changes

Treasurer’s Report (712pm*)
Abra is absent.

Discussions (720pm*) (15 min)
Ernesto Portillo from Tucson Housing and Community Development - Update on the affordable housing project on 11th Ave (the plots of vacant land behind Salvation Army) (Carry over from last meeting which was canceled due to low attendance/no quorum)
Unspecified number of single family homes- for ownership- “affordable”-community land grant so that the city retains ownership of the land
Questions: what does affordable mean in terms of the financing etc? They have to qualify for average area income 80%
What safeguards are in place to know that the city can not change the intention of the land as low income ?
What other projects has FSL done in the Tucson area?
Will there be a cost breakdown of the proposed development?
Who, If you want to write to show support for the project?
Cyclovia (Particia with LSA) Oct 30 (10 min) particia@livingstreetsallicance.org
A biannual event where they shut down a number of streets for a big block party. Art musicians community activities. Dunbar would be the southernmost point. 
Wants to be reflective of the neighborhoods hosting it.
Dealing with Dumping - Casey  (10 min) (possible vote)
Inconclusive- Revisit next month

Committee Reports (755*)
11th Ave (Plots of vacant land behind Salvation Army)
Pallet shelters- “temporary” 24 hr security- no drugs or alcohol- $11500 per house- provide job skills- charge for housing is 30% once income is established. Units are for up to 2 people (family)

Reports from the Field 

Neighborhood Foresters
Historic Fourth Ave Coalition (HFAC)
A couple new murals on 7th st. funded by Made in Tucson Market
$26000 of mitigation money from the development at 6th and 4th ave went to businesses along the avenue as matching funds. It funds replacement glass, benches, signage and other projects.
Dunbar Coalition
Downtown Links
Barrio/Neighborhood Coalition

Adjourn (8pm*)
General Discussion and Hangout if we want

*all times are estimates