DSNA Meeting Minutes: June 2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

(DRAFT Minutes for June 21st, 2021 Meeting)

Call to Order 7:12 pm

& Introductions

Treasurer’s Report (no report this month)


Karen: Tomorrow in their call, the mayor will be talking about the Central Business District (CBD). Tomorrow’s meeting will be a big meeting including call to the audience, CBD, Budget, water rates

Faffs: I got a call from Flor Burruel from Ward 1 this evening. They got our letter and took the two sections of Dunbar/Spring off of the CBD expansion map. Flor can’t make tonight’s meeting but sends her regards and would like to join a future meeting.

Natasha: Trace English sent an email to natasha, she will send to the officers

Committee Reports


Reports from the Field

Downtown Neighborhoods and Residents Council (DNARC) - Report back Karen: Shay Jamenez got a grant and wants to make pre-approved ADU plans. Visitor center is open in the old court house. They are putting in a park in Iron Horse neighborhood near the snake bridge. Dia de San Juan will be at the mission gardens, some time this week.

Neighborhood Foresters - none

Historic Fourth Ave Coalition (HFAC) - Natasha: working on a pilot project to put a bathroom on 4th. Should it be on windset park side or near the underpass. Putting in a full toilet is very expensive. Will be porta potties. Made in Tucson in November, Sunday after black friday. Lots of security issues on 4th ave.

Dunbar Coalition - none

Barrio Neighborhood Coalition - Karen: supporting Our Water Tucson which creates differential rates for people living in unincorporated Pima county. Lots of concerns about GPLET, some neighborhoods haven’t gotten the presentations. Flowing Wells asked for more time to consider the new GPLET process.

Downtown Links - none


University Ave Bike Boulevard Route Resurfacing Project - POSSIBLE VOTE on writing a letter to ask the city to correct water harvesting problems caused by the resurfacing. Brad summarized these complaints in a letter to the city, and asked that we send a letter echoing this concern. Natasha notes that some of the concerns have been addressed on the ground. Natasha wrote to transportation and asked why they didn’t let us know this project was going on. Faffs said let’s ask to be kept in the loop on when these things are finished.

MOTION: Cedar moves to empower the vice president to send a letter to the city asking them to address problems with the resurfacing project interfering with the water collecting basins on University and address communications with Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association. Seconded by Damien. 8 in favor, 0 opposed.

Approve May minutes

Faffs moves to approve the minutes from may Cedar seconds.

7 yes, 0 opposed, 1 abstained.

Adjourn 7:40 p.m.