DSNA Meeting Minutes: June 2023 Meeting Minutes

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Call to order 7:09PM

Attendance/Introduction question

Paul Kandt, Dianne Kandt, Christy Stewart, Faffs Riederer , Ann Chanecka (Housing and Development), Flor Burrell (Ward 1 office), Sarah Meggison (City of Tucson HCD) Kristin McRay (community infrastructure projects), Genesis Cubillas (Mayor’s Office), Karen Greene, Natasha Winnik, Lisa Scoblink

Changes/approval of previous month’s minutes: APPROVED

Treasurer’s report (finances steady at $772)

Announcements (external and internal)

Downtown library is at rather ugly stage of remodel, and will not have access to computers for a while… please note mismatched tiles when you visit.


11th Ave project with possible vote Sarah: had hoped to have a more developed proposal, an even split between 8 single homes or 14 attached townhomes. We are learning more about planning and development before making decisions. Thank you for great feedback. We did all of environmental work, and studying old graveyard, so we will need someone on site to watch carefully as ground is being broken. The goal is to have a finalized design in one or two months. Planning another on-site full neighborhood meeting. Nothing to show right now, but wanted to give you an update, even though it feels slow.

Proposed development at 941 Stone Ave possible vote

Ann wanted to give update, but City is in process to purchase remaining lots. We are able to do this with support from Mayor and Council in order to build mixed housing. Trying to create transit-oriented construction. We are currently in the due diligence stage, doing a lot of environmental testing before purchasing properties. We will close on site if all goes according to plan in October. We plan on coming back with an update when we have one. Natasha: Will there be an RFT to select architects? Answer: still in early stages, but we might be able to get funding for different options. Lisa: How much input will we have? Karen: In the past we have had quite a bit of input and surveys as to mixed development. Will we still have input if the City owns all vacant lots? Ann: We are eager to hear your input. At the end of the day, it is a policy decision as to how we will move forward. Karen/Natasha: the past meetings have been tumultuous and divided. Dianne: I would like to comment as a neighbor, we all live in one story houses, and we would like you to consider the nature of our historic neighborhood. Sarah replied that we are working to soften features and keep in mind that we are next to a three-story building so it will be a step-down to the one-story units. We could have a balloon test to see what the height is really like. We will come back with more design considerations to share with you. Natasha: a reminder that the Salvation Army is planning to add transitional housing which will be a two or three story building on their property. Faffs: I live near Estevan Park where basically 60 people have been living houseless, so I am appreciative of your commitment to providing housing. Kristin: We appreciate you sharing your history and perspective and we know the housing situation is very front and center.

Flor: I sent Karen the packet we got from the developer Gabe, but that is all I have. Karen: It was labeled “For your eyes only,” so I didn’t feel comfortable posting it. Flor: I will check to see if it is something we can share with neighbors. Natasha: The neighborhood voted against anything that was a GPLET project; what is Ward 1’s position on that? Flor: I know that Lane pushes very hard that developers to go back to neighborhoods and get their input. Ann: we are talking about the empty lot and the building next to the Sahara Apartments.

Reports from the field

DNARC (Downtown Neighborhoods and Residents Committee) Karen: did not have meeting last week. Downtown Links (heard nothing) Dunbar Coalition

HFAC (Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition) (Natasha gave update on community space and working on improvement plan with Drachman Institute.)

WAMO (Warehouse Arts Management Organization) (needs representative) For the good of the cause -

Kristin: working with Parks and Rec to come up with some meetings on Estevan Park and bigger envisioning as to what community would like for park such as play structure. Possible dates Estevan Park community input meeting Wed July 19th - evening, Thurs July 20th - evening, Sat July 22nd - morning Karen: could Faffs do some sort of poll (including information about play structure so folks with kids might come) as to what would be good date and place and get back to Kristin by the end of the week so a mailer can be sent. Natasha suggested Originate as site has both indoor and outdoor space and could host about 30 people easily. Discussion about Saturday being best day; perhaps there would be later days in August.

Adjourn 7:49PM

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