DSNA Meeting Minutes: March 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

OK to Record meeting? (ask for unanimous consent)
Call to Order (7:00 pm)
Sign-In: Please introduce yourself. What do you like to show people who visit you in Tucson? (7:03 pm)
Damien Rawoot
Cedar Warman
Karen Greene
Nicholas McCullon
Natasha Winnik
Lisa Scoblink
Abra Bentley
Sky Jacobs
Flor Espinoza-Burruel from Ward 1

Approve February Minutes (7:10 pm)
Karen wants to add info about gentrification part of the minutes, location is 26th St & La Cholla
Motion to approve with Karen’s addition: Sky
Karen 2nds
All in favor, approved.

Treasurer’s Report (7:15 pm)
~$960, nothing to report on bank accounts

Announcements (7:16 pm)

County Assessor Relief Programs. From the County assessor: At the beginning of 2021, I made a commitment to the community to launch new public initiatives and to increase community outreach. My office has initiated several new programs, that I am writing you about so that you may notify your neighborhood residents.

There are various relief programs including a disabled persons exemption, a senior freeze, and a widow/widower’s exemption. In addition, there is information on our Rapid Response Program, which will assist property owners that have suffered a catastrophic loss due to fire or flooding. The 2023 Notices of Value were mailed out on February 23, 2022. The appeal deadline is April 25, 2022. Complete information can be located on our website at https://www.asr.pima.gov or you can contact us at (520) 724-8630.

Karen mentions rapid transit proposal.;It will go along Stone (potentially). Information: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/eTOD/north-south-brt. Comments due in June. Flor from Ward 1 says they’re working on doing more events to inform community about the project

Discussions (7:20 pm) (20 min)

Speed Humps?
Abra says speed humps on Queen were approved. Project was supposed to move forward, but keeps getting dropped, and now the money is missing. Maybe now people can pay $500? Flor is going to figure out when grant was approved, to see how much they cost, to figure out where they apply the voucher from? Cedar wonders if we can get speed bumps through a proposed bike path through the neighborhood? Natasha says stop signs were denied. Karen mentions that West University neighborhood made some streets 1 way, but it was annoying to the people that lived there and they changed it back. Flor asks if we’re open to a Transportation person coming to a meeting and talking about the status of the speed bumps? Damien says yes.

Committee Reports (7:50 pm)

11th Ave (Plots of vacant land behind Salvation Army). Karen says Request For Qualifications (RFQ) went out. Due mid-April? When Karen read the report, she thought the houses didn’t seem affordable. Damien wonders about the development north of Speedway. Natasha things it’s the replacement for

Tucson House.
Natasha doesn’t agree with the RFQ pushing for all houses being built in a year. She would rather have something that fits neighborhood character, even if it takes longer to build. May rule out Design Build program from University of Arizona. Abra thinks price isn’t too unreasonable, since house prices and salaries are high.

Reports from the Field

Brian Flag talked about free transit, scheduled to go through June but may continue. Two houses in Rincon Heights were demolished, one was historic structure. Fast food place going in. Armory Park neighborhood started system called Join It for participation in some way. Iron Horse looking into designated areas for scooter parking.

Neighborhood Foresters
Trees got planted, basins got dug. Seemed to go well.

Historic Fourth Ave Coalition (HFAC)
Natasha says HFAC was promised community benefits as part of Opus development, but no communication, and sounds like they’re not happening. People are worried about development for various reasons. Developers are not cooperating with neighborhood. Natasha mentions charrette discussing peoples desires for 4th Ave improvement. They are going to get out ideas collected from the program and present to relevant groups. Made in Tucson will happen in the spring, Sunday April 10th. Local version of the street fair. Over 200 venders.

Dunbar Coalition
Damien reads meeting notes. Working on museum. Grant discussions. Working on vision statement.

Downtown Links
Karen says they’re starting to dig by tracks. Natasha says they aren’t updating people on dates for opening and closing roads Flor says she can reach out to Downtown Links people.

Barrio/Neighborhood Coalition
Karen says Tucson is updating general plan. Pima County District 5 announcements by Nicholas McCullough. District 5 has events that neighborhood association is invited to: https://www.adelitasgrijalva.com/waterday

Adjourn (8:00 pm)

General Discussion and Hangout if we want