DSNA Meeting Minutes: March 2023 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order  (7pm*) 

  1. Mark Goehring
  2. Karen Green
  3. David Burbank (city of tucson
  4. Christopher
  5. Nicholas Mccullough (pima county district 5)
  6. Tim H
  7. Michael Collings
  8. Kyle Dewitte (city of tucson)
  9. Natasha W
  10. Lisa
  11. Flor
  12. Richard
  13. Sign-In: (7:05pm*)
  14. Any Changes needed for the February 2023 minutes? (7:15pm*)
    1. No changes minutes approved
  15. Treasurer’s Report (7:15pm*)
    1. No abra, no treasurer's report
  16. Discussions (7:20pm*) (30 min)
    1. Downtown Links - visit from DTM Engineering Manager, David Burbank (thanks for setting this up, Natasha!)
      1. Several residents shared their concerns and observations of unsafe conditions.
      2. Mark Goehring requested that his comments be recorded in the minutes. He shared his observations and belief that the city has designed and is allowing unsafe conditions in the neighborhood, risking public safety, especially for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, and requested it be noted that David Burbank said no changes were planned.
    2. New housing planned for 11th Ave (possible vote)
    3. Requesting a safety upgrade 1st St and 10th Ave intersection (possible vote)
  17. Announcements and Reports from any other meetings and orgs
    1. Elections next month in April! (is this your year to step up? We need you!)
    2. Tucson Residents for Responsible Government March 18th - Tucson's Neighborhood Associations Matter in 2023! community forum
  18. Adjourn (8:00pm*)
  19. General Discussion and Hangout if we want

*all times are estimates



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