DSNA Meeting Minutes: November 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order - 7:00 p.m.

2. Sign-In & Introductions

a. Christy Voelkel, Anna Cirell, Clay Morgan, Joanna Williams, Natasha Winnik, Lisa Scoblink, Mark G, Jon Bauer, Cedar Warman, Alana Tchirkine, Margie Donovan, Richard Foster, Faffs Riederer, Eve Marie Hube, Christopher, Sky Jacobs, Kermit, Bradford Trojan

b. Review of Robert’s Rules and meeting guidelines

3. Treasurer's Report: $1045.33

4. Announcements

a. Bradford Trojan:5G small cell towers are going up around town (approx. 2 stories tall); one is going up on 9th Avenue between 1st & 2nd Street, and Bradford is working with other activists locally to see if it can be stopped or moved across the street so it is not in front of the residences. Although it can speed internet, there are no studies as to the effect of the waves. Considering civil disobedience.

b. Sky was wondering about a big tree on 10th Avenue between 1st & 2nd Street that is blocking the northbound lane of traffic. Natasha has spoken to the homeowner. Sky is willing to help her with it.

5. Committee Reports

a. DNARC (Downtown Neighborhoods and Residents Council) (based off of Karen Green’s personal notes) Kevin Burke, Dept. of Economic Initiatives Discussion of Central Business District (CBD) boundaries and what to do with them

● Hiring two consultants
● One consultant will analyze past GPLET projects for equity/community impacts as per Ward 1 request
● One consultant will facilitate community engagement meetings in Jan/Feb 20201 - at least one meeting will be held in each ward

● Analysis and outline from community engagement meetings will be created to see what the process looks like going forward

● Sign up for notification at connecttucson.com

● Current shape of CBD is grandfathered in, otherwise the shape needs to be a square

● The area of the CBD needs to be considered blighted

b. Downtown Links: no updates

c. Dunbar Coalition: (minutes from Oct 20 meeting as addendum)

d. Neighborhood Foresters: no update

e. 11th Ave: the RFI from the City is past its deadline and we are waiting to hear next steps from the City

f. HFAC: a Pima County grant is available to help businesses, including shops on 6th Ave ($450,000)

g. Discussion

1. Procedural Matters: there are actually only two official committees according to Robert’s Rules: Walkability and 11th Ave.

a. Vote on whether to disband Walkability Committee as it is no longer active (11 in favor, 0 opposed)

b. Vote on whether to subdivide reports in future meetings, with one section for Reports from the Field and the Committee Section only for official committees of DSNA. Richard brought up that we have approved minutes on record and they have been documented. Clay brought up that the purpose of this vote is to clarify that the reports labeled under the Committee Section, were not actually committees. (10 in favor, 1 opposed)

c. Vote on whether to form a committee to amend the bylaws. Ian Fritz was unable to attend to discuss history of by-laws. Richard brought up that there are violations of not using website properly according to bylaws. Clay brought up that some changes do not need to be by-law changes, such as posting zoom link on website. Natasha described procedural process: all changes would have to be written out in full detail, then 50 people would have to sign a petition that they approve of the changes, then a mailing would need to go out to the whole neighborhood, and then it would have to voted on at a DSNA meeting. Last time it took a year and a half to change by-laws. It would need someone very committed to complete the task well. Sky pointed out that the website did not even exist when by-laws were written, so there is nothing in by-laws that mention the website. One of the biggest changes is posting of the minutes at the bulletin board at the garden. Richard’s main point is that the by-laws need to be reviewed, because he feels like there are inconsistencies. Jon asked if the committee is formed, would expenditures have to be approved first? Is there anyone willing to put in the work? Clay agrees, and is unsure as to which by-laws would be reviewed. (0 in favor, 10 in opposition, 1 abstain)

d. StackHouse Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) Proposal and vote. Natasha explained the history: A development is proposed on the empty lot on Stone between 1st & 2nd Street. It will be shipping containers the developers are asking for greater density and reduced parking, modifications to what is allowed currently. They have requested a GPLT, which would waive them paying property taxes for eight years. DSNA proposed a CBA and StackHouse has come back with what they are willing to commit to. As a neighborhood we voted against allowing anymore GPLTs. Anna and Sky think that we need to continue to not allow GPLTs. Natasha said the GPLT will be used to offset prices rising in the past three years and construction costs are a lot more expensive, and they have agreements with renters and are trying to honor those agreements. Clay felt like there is a possibility of negotiating a CBA that would be acceptable to the neighborhood. Sky wants to know if we have any other leverage. Ward 1 will support whatever the neighborhood wants. StackHouse has said that they will not be able to build in Tucson without GPLT. Christopher initially supported project, but now he is concerned that they are not willing to support the neighborhood with taxes.

Motion: Support GPLT for StackHouse contingent on a mutually agreeable CBA which needs to be approved by DSNA. (10 in favor, 2 opposed) Natasha compared our requests with their list of what they are willing are to do. The main issue is that of affordable housing, and we need to talk about accountability and shared community values. Jon mentioned that $1000 doesn’t cover 25 trees. Clay would like them to come close to 33% affordable housing. How can they make sure low-income people would be able to purchase the containers and to creatively approach the loan process. "The President appointed a special committee to negotiate the CBA."

e. Update on Road Diet and No Whistle Zone: Clay contacted TDOT, and Union Pacific RR is stating everything south of University on Main Avenue would be two lanes, and north would be one lane. Still no word on No Whistle Zone. Clay will follow through for more clarification as currently there is only 1 lane heading north from St. Mary’s to the RR tracks.

f. Lighting at Sahara (5 m.) Bradford said the new lighting at the Sahara is out of code, the Sahara will be served a citation and they will have 25 days to comply after which they will be fined if the violation is not remedied.

g. Approve July, August, September, October minutes (9 in favor, 0 opposed)

Adjourn - 8:45 p.m.


DUNBAR COALITION BOARD MEETING 5:30 PM – October 20, 2020 Conference Call via Zoom

Present: Archie Bates Sean Chambers Chyrl Lander Bill Ponder Paul Brown Sam Brown Pamela Chambers Dorothee Harmon Shirley Hockett Barbara Lewis Ray Masterson Jordan Rhone Lisa Scoblink Debi Chess Pamela Chambers

Absent: Excused - Cynthia Alexander-Green, James Christopher and Mary Stoute

Guest: I. Ernest Rose. The first part of the meeting was Q&A discussions with our guest.

Call to Order - Bill Ponder called the meeting to order at 5:34pm. II. III. IV. V. facilitators. to walkway. We VI. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Minutes: It was moved by Archie Bates, seconded by Chryl Lander, the minutes for September 15th were approved. President's Report – None Financial Report - None Executive Director: Debi reported. Capital Campaign- Saturday October 31st in the Dunbar auditorium. 9:00am – 12:00pm with the Rotary Club. Goal is to raise 5 million. Wear a mask. We will practice social distancing. Francis and Anita McDonald will be joining us. Lunch will be provided. Board Training- For all members, Tuesday November 17th at 5:30pm via Zoom. This will be during our regular monthly meeting. Trehon Coleman and Sam Brown will be the Strategic Planning process – This will be more focused on Dunbar operations. The process will come out of the Oct. 31st meeting. Leadership Transition – Debi has agreed to stay until the end of this fiscal year. Hiring a Development Director – Debi will get with the Financial Committee and look at the budget. She has a person in mind, Stacey Gibson. Requesting 50K. Debi gave resume Executive Committee. Auditorium Rehab. - Target date for completion is January 2021. Funding – Dunbar received 95K. 75K for external improvements from the Lewis Foundation, 10K unrestricted funds from Morgan Maxwell, Jr. and 5k unrestricted from AZ Complete Health. From the Lewis Foundation, we will look at moving the donor tiles in the need to have 3D CAD designs prepared for the space. Dunbar received a 25K grant from COX to look at technology. They will be bringing in TEP. Debi and Barbara Lewis will be going to Wells Fargo to move the 29K CD into an account for general operating funds. Old/New Business: New Board Members: It was moved by Archie Bates, seconded by Sam Brown to accept Ernest Rose. Motion passed. Shirley will send the paperwork. Tucson Urban League Update – Sam Reported. The lease is submitted. They would like a mailbox key. They will be moving in next week. Shirley asked if there was a lease for the downstairs salon. Debi will look into it. Archie and Terry Thomas would like the board to consider adding “Event Center” to the signage under “Lander Auditorium” on Main Street. Chyrl said to get the cost. Debi suggested the board look at our Facebook page and participate in the Health & Wellness program. Also she will be online tomorrow via Culture Kitchen at 5pm to address Tucson Meet Yourself. Sean Chambers has added an app for Dunbar to his Real Estate site. Debi has the app. Leece appeared at the zoom meeting to show renderings (?). Bill Ponder said we will have to address this at a later date.