DSNA Meeting Minutes: November 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Who was present:

Nat and Faffs, Karen G, Eddie Barron (Ward 1), Jonathon Crowe and Nate, Nicholas McCullosksi (Pima Co), Lisa Scoblink, Maxie Adler, Margie Donovan, Abra Bentley, Damian Rawoot, Abra, Mark Goehring (minute taker). Abra started as facilitator and handed off to Damian.

Call to Order  (7pm*) 

: (7:05pm*)

October minutes. No changes were suggested for the October meeting minutes; approved.

Treasurer’s Report. Abra shared $722 on hand, no changes since August


- Norte-Sur with Ian Sansom from Tucson Dept of Transportation and Mobility (possibly)

Tabled for a future meeting

- Land use issue re the site at base of A Mtn - Maxie and Marc (possible VOTE)

Maxie Adler introduced the topic, Mark Goehring added his perspective. A link was provided with background documents, available here. After a wide ranging discussion, a motion was approved to have a letter drafted to submit to the city. Mark, Maxie and Faffs agreed to draft a letter for DSNA review and approval at the next meet that would reflect the neighborhood’s values and show alignment with priorities in a document titled “Reasons to Maintain Open Space Beneath Sentinal Peak/A-Mountain” that was available in the background document folder. The city’s acute need for affordable housing was also flagged as an important issue whenever uses for open space is considered.

- The Infill Incentive District - Jonathan Crowe (possible VOTE)

Jonathon provided a short presentation about the city’s changes to the Infill Incentive District. He proposed that the neighborhood ask that four historic homes be excluded from the district. Following discussion, a motion was approved for Jonathon to prepare a draft letter consistent with his proposal and send to Faffs, President, and to be reviewed and acted on at the December meeting.