DSNA Meeting Minutes: October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Minutes for October 18th, 2021 Meeting. Taken by Faffs Riederer.

  1. Call to Order 7:06 pm
  2. A Poem? No poem
  3. Sign-In & share favorite Halloween costume from childhood (Sky moderating) 
    1. Lisa
    2. Sky
    3. Abra
    4. Faffs
    5. Christopher Rolls
    6. Desert
    7. Collin Chesston -  Tucson Dept of Transpo/Mobility
    8. Natasha Winnik
    9. Andy Bemis -Tucson Dept of Transpo/Mobility
    10. Kristina Scholz
    11. Lisa Scoblink
    12. Flor (from Ward 1 Office)
  4. Treasurer’s Report : 960$ approx.
  5. Announcements 7:15 
    1. Halloween Map
    2. Roll Off Dumpster - Folks would like it to be centrally located
    3. Natasha: Is in talks with the Landscape Architecture firm to have another meeting about theDowntown Links Deck Park.Residents expressed interest in this. Natasha will let us know when this is scheduled. 
  6. Discussion 7:20
    1. 9th Ave/Castro Neighborhood Traffic Safety Improvements - Collin Chesston, City of Tucson Dept of Transportation & Mobility (20 min)
      1. Collin is taking over the 9th Ave bike boulevard project.
      2. They are in the design phase - 30% design drawings. Looking for input from neighbors. May look at 2nd Street over 1st Street to connect from 9th Ave to 10th Ave where crosses over Speedway.
      3. Goals:
        1. Improve safety
        2. Reduce cut through traffic
        3. Provide crosstown mobility
        4. Easier to cross busy streets
      4. Not a bike lane; calm traffic neighborhood streets
      5. Project website: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/tdot/5th-st-9th8th-st-9thcastro-ave-bicycle-boulevards
      6. Construction late 2022 or early 2023
      7. Christopher: We would love to have more traffic calming on 1st
      8. Sky: first and 10th has had several accidents, speeding along 1st Street
      9. 1st Street is a wash so it floods when it rains
      10. Natasha:DSNA  tried to put in a traffic circle at 1st and 10th but it was fought by a neighbor at that corner We would also love to have a green belt on 1st that could absorb some of that water, down the middle of the street, since the street is so wide
      11. Sky: What is the timing of construction for Main Ave?
      12. Andy: I don’t know, but I’ll but the email of the point person in the chat
      13. Collin: I’ll put my email in the chat and would be happy to do a dedicated meeting with the neighborhood about this. 
      14. Lots of people said yes
  7. Dunbar/Spring-Barrio Blue Moon-Bronx Park-Barrio Anita joint neighborhood fall picnic. Nov 13, Saturday from 3-5pm at Estevan Park. Kristina Scholz, Bronx Park NA President.(8 min)
    1. Kristina: Hi! I’m the new president of Bronx Park (just north of Dunbar/Spring - between Stone and Oracle north of Drachman to Grant)
    2. Picnic, social distancing, food trucks?, hanging out.
    3. Natasha: we did a 3 neighborhood picnic Fall of 2019  for Dunbar, Anita and Blue Moon, but only Dunbar residents attended, held at Oury Park. We have held a Dunbar only picnic at Estevan Park, had to bring tables and chairs.
    4. Kristina: Are there any concerns about the date?
    5.  Sunday recommended over Saturday, neighbors work on Saturday
    6. Natasha: I know a friend that organizes food trucks. I will reach out to her. 
    7. Abra: there is a big camping trip that weekend so the sunday could be better
    8. Flor (ward 1 office): We would be happy to help with that. I will drop my info in the chat.
  8. Committee Reports 7:48 (1 min)
    1. 11th Ave (Plots of vacant land behind Salvation Army)
      1. Natasha: No new info. The city just says that it’s moving forward but no new info
  9. Reports from the Field 7:49(9 min)
    1. DNARC (notes were posted on the list serve)
    2. Neighborhood Foresters 
      1. There was a neighborhood tree planting event that just  happened)
    3. Historic Fourth Ave Coalition (HFAC)
      1. Working on a master plan for (the triangle area East of stone to 4th ave and North of  the tracks to 6th Street)
      2. Made in Tucson Fair, sunday after thanksgiving, 7th St between 4th and 5th Ave
      3. Lots of safety/drug problems along 4th Ave
    4. Dunbar Coalition
      1. Lisa sent the notes to the list
      2. Christopher: There is talk about putting up a fence around the playground and basketball court. That would be a bummer
      3. Sky: Yes, this would be a bummer. Let’s put this on the agenda for next meeting. Let’s write a letter stating our concerns. 
      4. Christopher: It would be great if we could negotiate sunlite hours access to the playground and courts.
      5. Faffs: I will put that on our next meeting agenda
    5. Barrio Neighborhood Coalition
    6. Downtown Links
      1. Natasha: I will send an email to David Burbank and Laura at Wheat Group and see if we can set a meeting up.
  10. Approve September minutes 7:58 (1 min)
    1. Christopher moves to approve minutes
    2. Sky seconds 7 in favor, 1 abstain, 0 oppose. motion passes
  11. Adjourn 8:15pm