DSNA Meeting Minutes: October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Call to Order (7:04pm*)

: What was your favorite halloween costume growing up? (7:05pm*)
Faffs Kristy Stewart Jonathan Crowe Lisa Scoblink Gail Nat Brewster Nguyen Tom Margie Donivan Abra

Any Changes needed for the September minutes? (715pm*) No
Changes, september minutes adopted.

Treasurer’s Report (715pm*)
Abra was not present during this portion, so no treasurer's report this month.

Discussions (720pm*) (30 min)

Norte-Sur with Ian Sansom from Tucson Dept of Transportation and Mobility Ian Sansom was not present, so this topic will be tabled. Infill Incentive District Update with Koren Manning from Tucson Planning and Development Services Koren Manning, Corky Poster, Dan Bursuk and Acacia Dupierre from the City of Tucson shared information about the potential expansion of the Infill Incentive District into parts of Dunbar Spring. Check out the video of the meeting for all the deets. Various DSNA members variously responded and pondered.

Pilot Project at Estevan Park- Nat Brewster Nguyen- Splinter Collective Nat shared a plan to improve the usability of Estevan park in collaboration with some of the neighbors living in the camp behind the park. Various DSNA members variously responded and pondered.

Adjourn (8:05pm*)

*all times are estimates