DSNA Meeting Minutes: September 2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Taken by Faffs Riederer, revised by Karen Greene and Natasha Winnik

1. Call to Order: 7:00 pm

2. Sign-In & some poetry?: Song from Clay


  • Faffs Riederer
  • Damian Rawoot
  • Sky Jacobs
  • Gregg Payne & Jennifer
  • Woods Fairchild - Arts Foundation
  • Anna And Clay
  • Karen Greene
  • Judy Sensibar - WUNA President
  • Bill Davidson
  • Austin Atteberry - Downtown links project
  • Lisa Scoblink
  • Sohail Qureshi
  • Natasha Winnik
  • Keith Bagwell - Pima County, Adelita Grijalva’s office
  • Jesse Soto - city of tucson, senior project manager
  • Cedar Warman
  • David Burbank - City of Tucson Engineering Project manager Downtown Links
  • Abra Bentley
  • Adriana Gallego - Director of Arts Foundation
  • Donna Isacc - Art Consultant working with the Arts Foundation
  • Gabriela Barillas-Longoria - Livability Planner with City of Tucson
  • Kyle Dewitte Tucson Dept of Transportation and Mobility
  • Sam Brown - President of the Dunbar Coalition Board

3. Treasurer’s Report: Abra: 960$

4. Announcements:

Tree care Workshop - Sat sep 25th at 8AM at Dunbar Garden Space


- TEP poll line siting pushed back to February
-Someone on the board should check in on the construction at the Franklin docks. What’s happening? Contact is Tom Warne and/or El Presidio Neighborhood Association
-Lions Club vision services program to get glasses and eye testing for 10$ is available. tdtlionsvision@gmail.com or call 520-900-2550


-Passed on from Bradford: Heard form Juan Valdez city inspector, the owner of the Sahara said he was working on getting the lighting issues fixed but the company that was doing it went out of business. Now they are going to court.

-A resident of the Sahara is causing conflicts in the neighborhood, screaming,at the Sahara and approaching residents houses on 9th Avenue. Adult Protective Services and TPD have been notified. Just wanted to let folks know.

5. Discussion

Sam Brown - Dunbar Pavilion Garden

Update for the Dunbar: Finishing the 5 year strategic plan. Going to start a $5M capital campaign. Completed the fence around the garden. Put up no trespassing signs at the request of TPD. Looking into putting up more fencing around the basketball court and playground because of people pooping in the playground, leaving trash and dirty needles. Trying to put in fencing that would give neighborhood people access, possibly via key code.

Dru will be building his business in the garden (garden nursery business). They will still be having workshops and allowing community events there. For future garden things, such as using the space, contact Dru with Drutopia

Gabriela Barillas-Longoria - Tucson Dept of Transportation & Mobility - Grande Pianophone art project (15 min) (possible vote)

Woods: wanted to come to provide updates on the project and hear your feedback.
Austin: For the past year, most of the work has been underground, such as the storm drains. Will pave Church Ave soon. We had to relocate the fiber lines that run along the Union Pacific RailRoad right of way, that is why 6th Street has been closed over night
Dave Burbank: we will apply for a RR quiet zone at the end of phase 3 and then it will take 18 months to go into effect
Austin: There are five potential locations for the artwork. We ruled out 2 locations due to visibility of the piece and asked about 2 other locations.
Gregg Payne: Explained the piece is a vertical chime piano
Lots of people gave feedback: (these drawings are inadequate for this presentation, we need 3d renderings to make this decision, these plans are vastly scaled back from what was originally proposed and even the last drawings shown in 2018. Neighbors are dissatisfied and disheartened with the process and the communication between the City Transportation Department and the neighborhood. There has been no communication with detailed drawings on the Deck Plaza since 2018., Neighbors are excited for and appreciate Gregg Payne’s art piece; one question not answered will the piano get hot to the touch as it is metal?. Sky commented on being involved in the selection of the plant palette, hoping it will be Sonoran Native plants only. There is concern about shade and the usefulness of the spaces from May-October as the size of the shade structure is greatly reduced.
Woods: let’s schedule another meeting for more input.

Discussion of the proceeding hour and fifteen minute presentation. Many people expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment about the process and the presentation and feeling betrayal about how the plans had changed over time.

Clay proposed working with a journalist to document the process and mentioned Tony Davis.

Faffs moved to table items 6 and 7

Damien Second
11 in favor, 0 opposed

Faffs moved to approve the minutes

Anna seconds
11 in favor

Adjourned at 8:51

From the chat:

From Lisa Scoblink to Everyone: 07:04 PM Beautiful baby & song!!!!!!

From Lisa Scoblink to Everyone: 07:11 PM Lisa Scoblink 827 N. Ninth Ave.

From David Burbank to Everyone: 07:18 PM David Burbank cell phone (520) 345-0653

From Woods Fairchild (she/they) to Everyone: 07:18 PM Woods Fairchild, Public Art Projects Manager with the Arts Foundation. woods@artsfoundtucson.org

From Judy Sensibar, WUNA President to Everyone: 07:18 PM Judy Sensibar wunatucson@gmail.com

From David Burbank to Everyone: 07:18 PM david.burbank@tucsonaz.gov

From William Davidson to Everyone: 07:18 PM Bill Davidson, Salvation Army

From Gabriela Barillas-Longoria (she/her/ella) to Everyone: 07:18 PM Gabriela Barillas-Longoria Gabriela.barillas@tucsonaz.gov 520-591-1606

From sky to Everyone: 07:19 PM https://dunbarspringneighborhoodforesters.org/event/dunbar-spring-neigh… From Sohail Qureshi to Everyone: 07:19 PM

Sohail Qureshi 5205480228 Sohailmqureshi@gmail.com

From greggpayne to Everyone: 07:19 PM Gregg and Jennifer Payne, greggpayne@mac.com and jenniferLpayne@me.com, (530) 228-3399

From Adriana Gallego she/her/ella to Everyone: 07:19 PM Adriana Gallego agallego@artsfoundtucson.org

From sky to Everyone: 07:19 PM https://dunbarspringneighborhoodforesters.org/event/dunbar-spring-neigh…

From Karen G to Everyone: 07:21 PM Lions Club Vision screening tdtlionsvision@gmail.com or 520-900-2550

From Abra Bentley to Everyone: 07:22 PM Abra Bentley abrab@hgcinc.com 520-990-7698

From Damian Rawoot to Everyone: 07:24 PM My apologies folks I wasn't articulate - I meant to have our guests/presenters share their contact info but its great to be able to get in touch with everyone! Thank you

From Donna Isaac to Everyone: 07:25 PM Donna Isaac, dkisaac@yahoo.com

From Lisa Scoblink to Everyone: 07:34 PM https://thedunbartucson.org/

From Me to Everyone: 07:35 PM thanks sam

From Judy Sensibar, WUNA President to Everyone: 08:07 PM I was on the arts committee when Gregg first presented his project. It was great then, and it looks even more amazing now. The internal striking system is brilliant!

From Gabriela Barillas-Longoria (she/her/ella) to Everyone: 08:08 PM Thank you for sharing that Judy! Especially since you were involved in the early conversations as a committee member

From greggpayne to Everyone: 08:08 PM Thank you, Judy!

From Woods Fairchild (she/they) to Everyone: 08:10 PM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSwHP5BYCSk

From Karen G to Everyone: 08:19 PM I'm wondering about how hot temp wise the pieces might get if not under some kind of shade structure (built or tree)?

From Karen G to Everyone: 08:30 PM Is sunken gathering area shaded at all?

From Lisa Scoblink to Everyone: 08:36 PM sent report

From Karen G to Everyone: 08:41 PM just don't do it.