DSNA Meeting Minutes: September 2022 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

Call to Order  (7pm*) 
Sign-In: Name, Something you are tired of, something you are grateful for.
Faffs Riederer, prez
Michael Collin (taking minutes)
Virginia Miller
Mia Michelle
Cedar Warman
Karen Greene
Tim Hagyard
Nicholas McCulloch - Pima County District 5
Flor - Ward 1
Lisa Scoblink

July minutes are approved without changes (710pm*)
Treasurer’s Report (715pm*)
$772 in our account

The speed bumps have been installed!

Discussions (720pm*) (15 min)

Estevan Park 
Play equipment is not used by children
Corner of 1st and Main has no crosswalk and it’s very dangerous.
Motion: Write a letter to ADOT and city asking for a safe pedestrian crossing , including the history of when we have asked for this before and the need for it now. Also asking for a safe pedestrian crossing at 1st and Stone to get to Anza Park. (Motion Passes 11/0/0 yes/no/abstain)
Flor: 9/15/22 meeting at Estevan Park Included Splinter Collective, Barrio Anita Neighborhood Association, the Chief of Police and the City Manager, Dig Deep Gym, Dru from Drutopia, people from the encampment in the park and in the wash next to the park. The city relaxed some rules and stopped evicting people from camps during the pandemic, but they will begin enforcing park hours moving forward. They are also working on getting housing / shelter available to offer people currently living in the park. Also, prop 411 provides funds for street infrastructure over the next ten years. If we want this safe crossing, we should begin to make the case for it now. 

Brad and the neighborhood foresters will organize some flyers to hand out. Faffs will talk to Anna and Clay about the possibility of showing some historical vids about dunbar in front of Clay and Anna’s house

Dunbar Pavillion Fundraiser
Motion- DSNA will write a letter of support to the city / mayor and council and dept of transportation to support the future Dunbar Coalition Fundraiser and support the idea of closing down Main St for the event, with the condition that Dunbar Pavillion reaches out to residents and businesses affected by the closure and works out any arrangements they will need to access their homes and businesses. This could be reaching out in the form of a post card, a call or a personal visit to assess what residents and businesses will need and how they will be affected. (Motion passes 10/0/0)

Annual Neighborhood Survey
Should we start one? - Alexandra (POSSIBLE VOTE) Faffs totally missed this agenda item. Apologies!

We need a vice president. Please, volunteer. Is a very easy job.

Downtown links is now expected to finish summer of 2024, not summer of 2023 as promised.

Eryck Garcia from the mayor’s office is here gathering input from associations. We welcome him. You can reach him at eryck.garcia@tucsonaz.gov

Many thanks to Michael for taking the minutes!