February 2018

Minutes Date

Treasurer’s Report

There is still $1301.01 in the account. We received a verification letter of our donation to the Food Bank from a year and a half ago.


Elections will be happening in April. There will definitely be a need for a secretary, so we encourage people to run.

March 1st – Zoning examiner’s public hearing about the PAD project of Partner’s on Fourth (construction at O’Malley’s). There is not yet a developer for the project, the meeting would just open up that opportunity.

It is important to clear up the misinformation about the development near Flycatcher. For example, there will not be 7 stories exactly on 4th Avenue but rather in the center of the development. The units will be rented by apartments, not by the room (unlike most student housing). It won’t be advertised as student housing. It is unclear whether undergrads would be interested or more so graduate students and young professionals. The rent would be $700-$800 for a studio apartment.

Neighbors in the Plaza

There have been numerous people living in the alley between 9th and Perry and between 1st and 2nd. The neighborhood has notified the Tucson Police Department. There is currently a “Homeless Protocol Program” in the city, run by Becky Chavez (520-837-5342). It isn’t well known in the city. She reaches out to environmental services, who post a notice to vacate. If the person remains, then environmental services comes and takes the things away. The number of people camping in the alley has grown. Initially some people from COPE Community Services reached out to try to talk to the person, but none of the people who sleep there are around during the day. At the same time, people are being driven out of the neighborhood plaza and don’t have anywhere else to camp. Lorraine and her neighbors have planted cactus and debris to make the alley less comfortable for sleeping.

Picnic with Barrio Anita

The picnic will be Sunday, April 29th at the Oury Center. The question is whether we want the field and sports courts available for use. The kids might enjoy it, so it seems helpful to ask for them to be open. We are investigating whether we can have a beer permit, but there is a chance we can’t because of the particular regulations for that spot. Even with the beer permit, only cans would be allowed.

M(Christopher)/S(Lorraine)/A. Motion to have the picnic on April 29th from 4pm to 7pm at Oury Center. Motion passed by unanimous assent.

Neighborhood Map Project

Based off of the 100-year-old home tour (which is on the website), there was the proposal to have a printed map that has a guide to the homes. It could include a picture of the house, history, style, and architect. The neighborhood agreed to have Karen apply for a grant from the city and West University. There are about 75 homes built prior to 1918.

Karen found a person who is willing to do the work and is able to design the map based off of the information on the website. She can do it for $25 an hour with an estimated 25 hours of work. A quarter of it would likely focus on the Dunbar School, with a write-up. We could print 300 maps for $250.

There was discussion of who would use the maps. Likely tourists would be interested. Residents who don’t have computers could also use them. The neighborhood could give away copies to places like the Visitor’s Center, the library, and other institutions. It would be great to have some for the Dunbar School event.

There could be an announcement in the newsletter and ask residents to notify Karen so she can get a sense of numbers. Karen will get a quote from Sirrius. In the meantime, Jackie Dominguez will start working on the brochures.

Committee Updates

DNARC – February meeting was just a social, so no extensive report. However, the gentrification and affordable housing subcommittee has reconvened and is considering having a November event to bring in an expert on the matter. The event would include breakout sessions with different neighborhoods to brainstorm action steps that fit the context. The subcommittee hopes to have Rio Nuevo pay for the speaker. The event would potentially be November 10th.

Downtown Links – There was a meeting last Wednesday about the low whistle zone, but unknown what decision was reached. The subcontractor deadline has been extended twice, so that could be concerning.

WAMO – No updates.

Neighborhood Garden – No updates.

Dunbar Coalition – No updates.

Speedway/Stone Parcel – No updates.

11th Ave Parcel – No updates.

Walkability – No updates. Will combine this committee discussion with Neighborhood Foresters, since there is significant overlap.

Neighborhood Foresters – Great pruning workshop last week by the Pedaling Arborist, Alex. Many events tend to be on Saturday and people can’t make it. There is a suggestion of taking a video so that people can watch it afterwards. Also perhaps changing the days and times of day so different people can get involved. For example, cleanup projects require minimal supervision and could be done in smaller groups. Karen will discuss with Brad and Omar. There was a suggestion of a trash cleanup as well. There might be a shed available for a tool library. Christopher could donate server space for an electronic calendar.