February 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order

2. Sign-In & Introductions

3. Treasurer's Report

• $1074.67

4. Announcements 7:00 pm

• Revised letter sent to IDEA school regarding removed tree.

• Sunday March 1st – Bilingual discussion on how tax incentives (GPLETs) cause gentrification of barrios. Located at the Capilla Guadalupe Chapel (corner of 3rd ave. and 31st) at 2pm.

• Salvation Army has agreed to fund cost of printing for Dunbar Neighborhood Welcome Brochures.

• Tucson Police Department Update—Upswing in burglary, larceny, stolen vehicles, and criminal damage. They warn to keep valuables out of cars, lock cars, close window shades, and keep watch of car if you are running the engine to warm it in the morning. Educate on various ways of reducing trespassing of transients on personal property (e.g., put up “No Trespassing” sign, fill out online form “Trespass Letter” saying they want transients arrested if found trespassing on property). Link to “Trespass Letter” found here: https://bomagt.org/images/meeting/092617/2017_Programs/city_of_tucson_trespass_letter_of_consent.pdf

• Tucson Electric Power Update—Transmission line will possibly go along Speedway to Euclid. Group looking into cost of putting line below ground.

• Language justice training, Sunday February 23rd, at Historic Y from 2-4pm. Group enhances community dialogue through language each feels most comfortable. Provides interpretation tools to promote language justice.

5. Committee Reports

a. DNARC – Presentation in February outlined the Broadway overlay zone to encourage adaptive re-use and increased density.

b. Downtown Links – Postponed for next month

c. Dunbar Coalition – Food Justice Workshop taking place 2/19 at 5pm in the Dunbar Pavilion.

d. Neighborhood Foresters – Postponed for next month.

e. 11th Avenue – Included in discussion (below).

6. Discussion

a. Liz Morales, Housing Dept Director to discuss 11th Ave project plans with possible VOTE (30 min)—Liz discusses Request for Proposals (RFP) that will be sent out to not-for-profit and for-profit developers to invite various affordable housing development projects concerning four-five properties across Tucson. Goals of affordable housing projects include 1) long-term affordability, 2) home ownership, and 3) complements neighborhood. Challenges housing department foresees are 1) not enough quality proposals, 2) financing as their funding is limited, 3) high construction costs that raise cost of end product. Liz will work with Dunbar Neighborhood to include our checklist of demands on RFP. We will have at least 2 weeks to look over first draft of RFP before it gets sent out. First draft will be sent to us in late February/early March. Contact Liz Morales for questions/concerns at liz.morales@tucsonaz.gov.

b. Introduction to Bill Davidson, Salvation Army Director of Development and new publicity person (5 min)—Wishes to introduce himself and open lines of communication with neighborhood. Says they just finished holiday season and are now involved with community outreach and marketing, where they publicize all the good happening at the Salvation Army.

5. Approve January minutes

6. Adjourn 8:05 pm