July 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

& Introductions 7:00 pm

Treasurer's Report • $1089.67


• “Gentrification and Changing Neighborhoods” Panel -- concerns affordable housing and gentrification to take place at Dunbar Pavilion, Wednesday July 24th, 6-8:30pm.

• Parking— Pending Mayor and Council vote, changes in parking fees within Downtown, Main Gate, and Fourth Avenue

Talk of raising current hourly rates by a quarter, but also to limit parking times to two-hour increments

Parking is also currently free after 5 p.m during weekdays, which city officials want to change, such that parking is free only after midnight.

• Substation Wall Update—looking to build a 10 ft high wall, made from concrete block

• Appeal to The Prime Leaf Medical Marijuana Dispensary on Park—notice of public hearing at Mayor and
Council meeting July 24th at 1:30pm.

• Property Tax Programs—list of various (e.g., Elderly, Disabled, Widowers, Historic Property) in circulation.

• Library Announcements (Partnering with Tucson Symphony to discuss “Beethoven’s Hair” at 2pm on 9/7 at Main Library, Seed Volunteer Orientation on July 27th from 8:30-9:30 am, Help with starting own business program July 9th-25th at Main Library).

Committee Reports

DNARC -- Postponed for next month.

Downtown Links -- Postponed for next month.

WAMO -- Postponed for next month.

Neighborhood Garden -- Postponed for next month.

Dunbar Coalition -- Debbie Chess Mabie to begin new position working with Ron Wilson at UofA

New keys and codes for building

Cost for auditorium rentals will increase.

Walkability -- Bike ride to view new Mission Manor School mural. Interested riders will meet at 6:30 am 9th and Euclid, taking the El-Paso greenway to view new mural created by living streets alliance. g

Neighborhood Foresters -- Postponed for next week. 6



Police Resource Officer Meet and Greet (10 min)—No show.

Neighborhood Welcome Brochure and Yard Signs (15 min)—Passed around revised brochure

Discussed cost and format for printing 100 at most

Also discussed cost and design for about 10 signs advertising future Dunbar Neighborhood meetings.

Dunbar Spring Project Funds Proposal (10 min) – To be approved and voted on in August

Discussed revisions, such as words changes (“Dues” to “Project Funds”) and change to Sliding Scale of $15-50

Add the Venmo option

Keep the accountability measure to be incorporated and tracked by Treasurer.

City Gentrification Committee Representative - VOTE (5 min) – A task force on gentrification will be created to report to Mayor and Council on neighborhood displacement throughout Tucson

Karen discussed her campaign platform for being elected as representative for Dunbar Spring

Talking points as follows: 1) pushing to change policies and improve education of existing policies to help owners stay in homes, 2) how to freeze property taxes, 3) how to apply for low-interest loans for home repair and for development of local business, 4) balance big business development with neighborhood interests and “community benefit agreements” or agreements between real estate developers and coalitions of community organizations.

Karen elected by unanimous vote. 7

Approve June minutes—N/A, but looked over May minutes instead.

Adjourn 8:05 pm