July 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order - 7:00 p.m.

2. Sign-In & Introductions

3. Treasurer's Report - $1045.33

4. Announcements

• Stackhouse meeting planned for July 29th at 6pm. Zoom link is here: https://bit.ly/StackhouseDunabarSpring Will cover approving modifications to city requirements, concerning Infill Incentive District zoning option, parking reductions (via car-stacking), and their application for a Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET)—or a tax incentive agreement negotiated between a private party and a local government. For more information, please visit: http://tiboaz.biz/2017/10/30/stackhouse-shipping-container-project-planned-near-downtown/

5. Committee Reports

a. DNARC—Postponed for next month

b. Downtown Links—A video project update was recorded and put online at www.downtownlinks.com. A preconstruction open house is scheduled for August (date tbd). Preconstruction continues, with “breaking ground” also scheduled for August. Ward I and other city council representatives met with Downtown Links coordinators regarding the artists at Citizen Warehouse. Diana Alacrone director of transportation and mobility said she heard the concerns regarding eviction “loud and clear,” and said she spoke to the construction team about possibilities. She anticipates that they will have an alternative later this week.

c. Dunbar Coalition—Regarding VisionQuest, Debi wishes to assemble an oversight committee (composed of Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association and Juneteenth). With pandemic, concerns over how to use space in Dunbar Pavilion and whether barber college and art & dance academy will renew leases. Bill Ponder is stepping down as Chair of Dunbar Coalition and looking for new person to fill position.

d. Neighborhood Foresters—Updates can be found at the following: https://www.desertharvesters.org/ Accomplishments of the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Foresters since 2018:

  • 870 linear feet of loose gravel removed from Dunbar/Spring neighborhood public-right-of-way (ROW) and its footpaths to improve walkability and wheelability
  • 9,600 linear feet of trees and understory plantings pruned in Dunbar/Spring neighborhood public ROW to regain public footpaths, bicycles, and autos as well as sight lines to traffic signs on adjoining streets
  • 1,250 linear feet of narrow footpaths in Dunbar/Spring public ROW widened to City's required minimum width of 5’ so folks can walk side by side
  • 160 linear feet of public Dunbar/Spring ROW footpaths cleared of landscape mound barriers to enhance accessibility
  • Over 45,000 gallons of street runoff harvested annually in new street-side green infrastructure installations
  • 32 five-gallon native trees planted in the public ROW
  • 265 one-gallon native understory plants planted in the public ROW

e. 11th Ave—Postponed for next month.

6. Discussion

a. Landscape in ROW at church/lofts at 10th Ave and 4th St (10 m.)—Landscaping changes extend plants, cactus, and other obstacles to walkability all the way to curb. Brad has sent maintenance and stewardship agreements for public ROW to owners of church/lofts at 10th&4th. Motion for Brad to write letter to owners and to include links to what is needed for community as a whole to maintain walkability in public ROW. Motion passes 8 to 0.

b. Reminder to ask neighbors before pruning others’ trees (10 m.)—In 2010, DSNA voted to give 1 week notice to neighbors before pruning their trees. Suggestions to amend this rule due to loss of faith in process and past circumstances of people not pruning their trees to city requirements. Concern also voiced over city having to step in and cite neighbors as well as poorly prune/remove tree. To avoid this, suggestion presented to step in (possibly Neighborhood Foresters) if request for proper tree pruning is not met after 2 weeks. Discussion over need to develop guidelines for a new process that respects trees but also neighborhood relationships.

c. Update on Citizen Warehouse Artist Evictions (15 m.)—Natasha shared recent meeting that was most successful thus far. Many stakeholders present (e.g., Ward 1 representative Santa Cruz, city manager, Citizen’s Warehouse artists). The following were discussed: Is this project really happening or is this just an excuse to get artists to leave? Will moving expenses be given to those artists forced to leave? If this is for the health and safety of artists, why ask to leave during a pandemic? What are the possibilities of a land swap between ADOT and COT? Information shared on soil and structure of building prove strength of building. Questions presented over whether this is just to convenience contractor and save money at the expense of people’s livelihood. Hope is to possibly delay moving or to avoid a move entirely. Brad shares how vision of project runs counter to what is most precious to city of Tucson—being ultimately pedestrian friendly, such that services are local and accessible.

d. Block Pals (10 m.)—Need for Block Pals emphasized during recent power outage near area of 10th and 1st. Help needed to supply power to neighbors. Discussion over how to recruit new Block Pals. Suggestion to create brochure including map with info on areas covered by Block Pals (sharing limited info—such as name and email of Block Pal) and areas in need.

e. Lighting at Sahara (10 m.)—New lights at Sahara Apartments challenge dark sky compliance—a movement to reduce light pollution and improve visibility of night stars as well as conserve energy usage and increase health, safety, and general well-being of people and wildlife. Motion to send letter to Sahara stating city of Tucson’s dark sky compliance code and prepare complaint letter to city of Tucson in case Sahara management refusing to change lighting/shield lightbulbs. Motion passes 8 to 0. f. Update for Franklin Docks Development from Tom Warne (20 m.)—Postponed for next month.

7. Approve June minutes—Postponed for next month

8. Adjourn. 8:20 p.m.