June 2017

Minutes Date


Westmoreland meeting in Menlo Park.

Zoning examiner’s public hearing August 3rd at 6pm for northwest 5th and Speedway, to change the land from NR-1 to C-1 for commercial, retail and food service.

Today at 4:30pm the downtown hotel had a public hearing to be approved for larger signs.

Wednesday at 6pm at City Hall there is a sign code revision project meeting to simplify code.

Tuesday 12-1: Pollinator Gardens, Wednesday: “Build a Better Tucson, Saturday; Getting the Death you Want; Tuesday the 27th: Native American Art

Dia de San Juan Procession on Saturday, June 24th.

Treasurer’s Report

Same amount as always in account: $1446.01


Ann Chanecka - Main Ave Road Diet

There aren’t many updates. Dunbar/Spring has been requesting for a long time to change the striping of Main Ave. The Department of Transportation is committed to making that change, and Main Ave is on the Prop 101 list, so it will be resurfaced. There are 8000 to 9000 cars a day on Main Ave, so no need to have more than one lane (except for the stacking when the trains come). The lane widths vary in different parts. The Speedway to University section has the most room, so potentially can put parking on one side of the street as well as bike lanes. East side parking seems to be more desirable. From University to the railroad track will have a different dynamic, especially since there will be a center median under Downtown Links. Would make some changes south of the tracks, such as narrower lanes and bike lanes. Major decisions still pending on timeline, since they have to wait until money is collected on new sales tax. However, Main Ave is at the top of the list for funding. There will be room for public input on design. City will present a concept to an engineering consulting firm. In the development of the concept, will reach out to Dunbar Neighborhood Association and Barrio Anita.

For most resurfacing projects, city has gone with two very bike friendly firms so that is likely. Karen expressed opposition to the firm being HDR.

There may need to be two crossings for bike route: Davis and University. Once it is striped, and the neighborhood association requests a crosswalk, traffic technicians will count how many people cross at that particular area. (If there are at least 20 in an hour, it will warrant a crosswalk).

Karen suggested including El Presidio in outreach, since they were on original request.

Tucson is starting a public bikeshare system starting the end of 2017. This week the provider/operator will be announced. There will be 36 stations, 330 bikes to start off. There will soon be a process to finalize sites. Due to federal funding, had to identify those sites early for the environmental clearance. Bikeshare links to key destinations but also originates in certain neighborhoods. Having the ability to do one way trips makes life easier. Tourists who are visiting use it frequently. There are four potential locations all close.

One option would be in front of the temp agency, but that takes up a lot of parking for the houses. The second option is in front of the funeral home. The third option is in front of the student apartments, which is currently a no parking zone. The fourth would be in front of the community kiosk board. Karen asked about moving the third location to the south side of the street to slow down people exiting the apartments. Ann said she would look into it. Most of the attendees preferred the third and fourth options. Karen pointed out that the students in the apartments would be more likely to use it.

Ann said that the stations would be solar powered. Building a canopy over the station would be a nice step. Joanna suggested a shade over the screen to enhance visibility.

There is an interactive map of potential locations. The website is tucsonaz.gov/bikeshare. There is also a potential site in front of the community garden. Another location is Catalina Park. One is slated for the El Charro lot. There is another potential site near Time Market. The furthest north would be Grant, the furthest East would be Himmel Park, south is South Tucson, and west is St. Mary’s Hospital and Tumamoc. Half of the stations will have a payment kiosk attached, and half can be used with key fobs. Ezra suggested having a way to pay for a map. Natasha expressed concern that the station in front of the bulletin board would block visibility and access to that and the little free library.

The city will be hiring for a general manager for the bikeshare. There will be five to six total staff. Ezra asked about recirculating bikes. Ann said that in the early months there will be a delay as they figure out what the traffic patterns are. For rate structure, there is a balance between having tourists subsidize with a high day rate and a lower monthly/yearly rate. There will be a low income fare (in another city it was $5). Karen mentioned that it is impossible to use Portland bikeshare because she doesn’t have a smartphone. Ann said it varies by system.

For Main Ave, Natasha suggested a new slurry coat that doesn’t absorb as much heat.


Only additional input is the suggestion to create a green entertainment zone with play area, mini golf, mixed use, green rooftop with more entertainment. That was the only new addition. Ezra is the only new participant that did not attend the May meeting.

Tucson Clean and Beautiful

Neighborhood will not apply for this grant because there was not enough interest. Also, someone from the Dunbar Coalition applied without consulting the neighborhood association. It would have been stronger to apply together, because there is a limit to the amount of money per ward. Lisa will go to the Dunbar Coalition meeting and find out more about that decision.

11th Ave Parcel

There are two proposals for Menlo Park: PSSW (who developed Main Gate square) and Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity gave two floor plan options for six single family homes with garages. The plans were fairly standard for them, but with some external modifications. PSSW proposed 6 affordable homes and 7 market rate. The market rate units would be $250,000 and the affordable housing less. The idea is high quality and low operating cost. All proposals are wood frame and stucco. One comment was that the Habitat design was too simple. Habitat said that they brought families together. PSSW said it would reach a wider base.

The Menlo park RFP put 6 houses as minimum affordable, whereas as a neighborhood we are requesting complete affordability. Glenn has not yet seen the revised design guidelines. Natasha pointed to a project in King from the design/build program.

Last month there was a design package and blurb. Ezra asked if there were any questions/concerns. There was a question of whether we should give up on 100% affordability requirement. But that requirement is part of the agreement with Salvation Army, so it would require a vote on the council and mayor. Glenn is worried about the longer wait for the design/build program, but the neighborhood just wants to make sure that the project advances. University of Arizona could agree to buy the land with the condition if they do not build on it, they will forfeit it back to the city. The city is concerned because Westmoreland did revert to the city. The city’s current proposal is to hold the land and then sell together with the developer and divide the money.

The U of A design/build is one house in 18 months. That would take them 10.5 years. Karen asked about the colors design guideline. She objected to the neighborhood controlling that aspect because it is too much like a homeowner’s association. Ezra responded that colors just came up as a potential point of conflict between neighbors. Ezra suggested that colors just be an initial choice of the neighborhood and homeowners can change as they see fit.

Ezra said Glenn requested more flexibility in the design guidelines. He asked if there are areas we want to be more flexible. Karen suggested giving it to Glenn and then adapting. Matt recommended that we add a paragraph saying it is open to negotiation if presented to and accepted by the neighborhood association.

M(Ezra)/S(Gail)/A Motion to present draft to Glenn with the discussed changes. Motion passed by unanimous

Todo Tucson

Joanna presented the answers to questions from last meeting. To obtain a municipal ID, would need some other form of primary identification. At least twelve other cities use the ID. It is unclear yet whether it would be valid for Pima County Library, since that would need to be negotiated. One primary use is to receive and send money. Another is to facilitate interaction with police and to mitigate fear of reporting crime or being stopped. The cost would be 20-25 dollars per card, and Todo Tucson may ask the city to absorb some of that cost while the rest would be paid by the card applicants.

There was a question about whether people who are undocumented can obtain an identification at their consulate. Joanna responded that they can obtain a matricula consular if they are Mexican.

Natasha said it might not help everyone in each situation but it is a worthwhile step.

M(Joanna)/S(Natasha)/A. Motion that the neighborhood association endorse the Todo Tucson municipal ID campaign. Motion passed with 5 in favor and 2 abstentions.

El Presidio

They are supposed to have reached out to us about this project and attend the meeting, but did not.


Verizon is having a community meeting under the zoning examiner special exceptions procedure next Tuesday from 6-7pm in the Best Western meeting room. They also notified West University residents. Karen asked Michelle to send photos and maps and she has not responded. Ezra and Natasha will attend. If Verizon follows all regulations, Verizon can sue if mayor and council don’t approve plan.

They have to notify neighborhood associations within a mile and all residents within 300 feet. Natasha suggested asking the other neighborhoods to also oppose the project. Karen said she would try to send an email but requested that Natasha send it if not.

Can comment at meeting or send in comments. There was some discussion of whether or not people had been properly notified. Verizon said they had consulted TEP about potential poles, but Verizon requested only a very small area, which only had 3 poles in that zone.

The antenna would be hidden within a pole.


There were two robberies in one week in May (one on Queen and one on 10th). Both robberies happened through the sliding glass doors. Karen requested that the police officer come to the July meeting. There is a link on dunbarspring.org that lists all the times the police have come to the neighborhood. For some reason, neither of these robberies are on that list.

There were reports of gunshots, but they were actually fireworks.

Queen Ave

This discussion is closed. It is a neighbor to neighbor conflict and as far as the neighborhood is concerned that is our involvement. Parkwise has already been in the neighborhood, in spite of not being asked to do so. The ongoing issue is mediation between neighbors.

Committee Reports

- DNARC – Downtown partnership has a strategic plan with nine goals. The final version will be provided at the next meeting. Includes cleanliness, greenscape, safety, businesses, mixed use development. Nestle cookie will go into Stone next to Perry Jewelers. They might force out Perry Jewelers. There is definitely a disconnect between the neighborhood associations, who want local, and the Downtown Tucson Partnership, which prefer national chains. There are national chains, like Subway, Jimmy John’s, Supercuts. Now CVS is coming in. Nova home loans and Exo have come in south of downtown. There is a Summer in the City discount card. Even Stevens just opened and apparently their brunch is good on the weekends. Bank of America is moving out this week. They will consolidate to the 2nd Ave location.

Caterpillar is starting to dig in Menlo Park. Broadmoor/Broadview neighborhood is seeking federal historic designation and they have already spent $30,000 and will have to spend that same amount because they have to hire an architect to look up the records to show the houses are a certain age. Rincon Heights there is a building going up that will be a parking garage (although they thought it would be mixed use).

- Downtown Links – Design plans for the final phase are almost completed. They are relocating utilities and demolition should be finished by mid-summer. There is another piece of art that will honor Maclavio Barraza and will be located near Maclavio Barraza and Broadway and a call to artists went out. The citizen’s advisory committee no longer exists. Agreements with railroad are being finalized. Pre-construction open house will be held at some point and at that time will decide timeline.

- WAMO – Every 1st Saturday from 6-9pm open studios. BICAS is moving out, to 7th Ave halfway between Speedway and Grant. It is large and all on the first level. Thursday night around 6 at Steinfeld there will be two brothers who are driving cross country and doing pop up art.

- Neighborhood Garden – Becky is out of town for a month.

- Dunbar Coalition – Successful Juneteenth event. There were many booths. The first indoor Juneteenth. Applying for numerous grants. Debbie (on the coalition) is leading these grant applications. The goal for the Centennial celebration is to raise 1 million dollars through different events over the course of the year. The celebration will kick off with an alumni event this fall. There will be big events with speakers and honorary chairs, possibly around October. $500 donated from the Stubbs girl concert and $500 from the John Spring Association (which seemed strange). Marteo Harris and the barber academy no longer have state funding, so considering other next steps. Funds to be used for landscaping will be redirected for auditorium. There are already $2950 in donations for patio rehab and need to raise the other half of cost.

- Walkability – No update.

- Neighborhood Foresters – No update.

May Minutes

M (Natasha)/S (Ezra)/A Motion to approve the May minutes with the amendment of “Natasha” rather than “Natalia” in the final line. Motion passed unanimously (7-0).