June 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order

2. Sign-In & Introductions

3. Treasurer's Report

• $1074.67

4. Announcements - 7:00 pm

• Invitation to Neighborhood Meeting on June 18th from 5:30-6:30pm to discuss the possibility of using alternative requirements provided by the Infill Incentive District for The Hut on 4th Ave. Meeting is virtual; please click the following link: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/988492245 and choose the “Join on the web” button to avoid downloading the app.

• Invitation to Neighborhood Meeting on June 24th at 6pm to discuss the possibility of using alternative requirements provided by the Infill Incentive District for 9th Street Boutique. Meeting is virtual; please click the following link: https://arizona.zoom.us/j/7771502739 to join meeting.

• “Call to Audience” removed from Tucson’s Mayor and Council meetings.

5. Committee Reports

a. DNARC—Postponed for next month.

b. Downtown Links— Postponed for next month.

c. Dunbar Coalition—Gonzales is new garden manager. Dunbar Coalition is looking for new facilitator.

d. Neighborhood Foresters—Postponed for next month.

e. 11th Ave—Natasha and Karen emailed Liz Morales about RFP. RFP mentioned market rate housing proposals OR affordable housing, while most in the community wish to focus solely on affordable housing. Ann Chaneka is now in charge of RFPs, so possibly we will be connecting with her instead of Liz Morales.

6. Discussion - 7:30 p.m. a.

a. Vision Quest at Dunbar Pavilion (30 min)—Background/Forward plans of VisionQuest project within Dunbar is as follows: A year ago, VisionQuest proposed to Dunbar Coalition about renting a space within the Dunbar School. The primary VisionQuest focus is the education and foster care for youth in adjudication. Most of that youth consists of no more than 50 young female unaccompanied minors from the ages of 5-15 years. “Unaccompanied minors” means children immigrating to the United Stated who have either arrived without or have been separated from parents/legal guardians. Dunbar Coalition questioned whether this VisionQuest project would be a good fit. After a year of deliberation, Dunbar Coalition agreed to VisionQuest collaboration. Dunbar is providing classroom space only from 8am-3pm daily. Dunbar Pavilion is not housing children. Educational programming (which is dictated by VisionQuest and aligned with OOR regulations) was scheduled for April but has been delayed due to COVID 19 concerns for September possibly.

Questions directed at questionable reputation of VisionQuest and whether Dunbar Coalition will have an oversight committee to decrease possibility of mistreatment given OOR regulations were deemed by some in community as lacking. Debi from Dunbar Coalition invites input/collaboration as to what oversight committee would look like. Please contact Debi at debi@thedunbartucson.org for more information.

b. Discussion of Artist Removal at Citizens Warehouse (possible VOTE) (25 min)—Artist in Citizens nature of request (artists not told they would have to evacuate during construction—which city now deems unsafe for those within Citizens Warehouse) and timing of request (currently experiencing a pandemic and construction is not supposed to start anytime soon). Assume request is from new people within administration who were not around when previous promises were made. Questions directed at whether a liaison exists between Warehouse Arts Management Organization (WAMO) and city, and also whether Ward 1 representative Lane Santa Cruz can leverage authority over request. Please reach out to studio@aleclaughlin.com for questions and input. Natasha motions to reach out to city and council and write on behalf of local artists staying in Citizen’s Warehouse. Karen seconds motion. Eleven votes in favor of the following statement: Warehouse told to move out and not given 90 days notice. Many in community question unexpected Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association expresses full support for artists staying in Citizen’s Warehouse and is willing to act in support of that sentiment. We express support for it being used for art in perpetuity. We also express support for building to be included in land swap between ADOT and COT.

c. Elections (definite VOTE) (5 min)—Karen motions to vote on below slate of officers. Christy seconds the motion. Nine votes in favor, 0 opposed to the below slate of officers.

v. Clay Morgan for President


i. Joanna Williams for Parliamentarian

ii. Christy Voelkel for Secretary

iii. Natasha Winnik for Treasurer

iv. Anna Cirell for Vice President


7. Approve March minutes—Karen motions to approve meeting minutes. Christy seconds. Eight votes in favor, 0 opposed.

8. Adjourn - 8:42 p.m