May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order 7:00 pm

2. Sign-In & Introductions

3. Treasurer's Report


4. Announcements

Miguel Ortega, Democratic candidate for City Council’s Ward 1 introduces himself. Expresses interest in creating a more transparent local government, in part by empowering neighborhoods. Wants to see Tucson become more connected, sustainable, and green. Equitable parks. Strengthen families by wmpowering labor unions, and labor movements in general.

Sammi Hamed. Democratic candidate for Ward 1. Defers his speaking time until next month.

May 25th is Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony at Dunbar Center from 9a-11:30am. Afterwards, Neighborhood Cleanup will go from 7:30-9pm with Sky. Dumpster will be on location at 4th st and 10th ave.

Hilton Dual Brand Hotel 195 S. Stone 23 Ochoa St.

Proposed carriage house. Meeting on June 6th.

Library Announcements (Adult Summer Reading program at Main Library, Enchanting Edible Flowers from 12-1pm on May 21st, Travel to Cold Places lecture from 11-12:30pm on June 8th).

5. Committee Reports

• DNARC – Haikus in downtown planters

• Downtown Links – Postponed for next week.

• WAMO – Postponed for next week.

• Neighborhood Garden – Anton Russell, the garden manager, works on Monday nights. Karen plans to meet with him in the coming month.

• Dunbar Coalition – Debbie Chess Mabie will be leaving position in Dunbar Coalition. They are looking to hire a replacement for her starting July 1st. Also report break-ins at nearby schools.

• Walkability – Neighborhood Clean-up on May 25th, 7-9pm.

• Neighborhood Foresters – Neighborhood Clean-up on May 25th, 7-9pm.

6. Discussion 7:30 pm

• StackHouse (15 min) – 941 N Stone. Property is not yet purchased. Shipping container “tiny homes” $45,000 to buy one 320 sf. Code-compliant living units. $650-1200 per month utilities included, minimum 5-year lease. 44 units with half reserved. Directed toward millennials with low-earning power. Potential one-stop-shop for resale. Potentially begin a manufacturing company in Tucson. Planning to use solar power and rainwater harvesting. Hoping to have property owned by end of July. Inviting neighborhood suggestions for designing outside look. Asking only for parking restrictions—asking for one parking space per unit.

• Barrio Hollywood Candidate Forum Sponsorship (5 min) – June 22nd Mayoral and Ward 1 candidates. Barrio Hollywood, Barrio Neighborhood, El Rio, Casa Maria. Would not cost to be a sponsor. Karen is part of the forum planning team. Nancy Montoya from NPR is moderator. Motion passes to provide sponsorship-- 9 in favor, 0 opposed.

• Yard signs and neighborhood introduction pamphlet (15 min) – Menlo park began advertising neighborhood meetings with signs throughout the neighborhood, and attendance increased. Steve will send quote. Kristi Voelkel will help design a pamphlet that may be delivered through Block Pal.

• Dues Discussion (15 min) – Looking for ways to make money. Neighborhood tours last year earned $1000. Other potentials include yard sale. Karen and Anna will put together a proposal for a way to ask residents for neighborhood dues (including work trade options). Miguel Ortega suggests allowing neighborhood businesses pay to advertise in neighborhood newsletters.

• TEP Substation Mural Follow-Up (10 min) – A masonry wall will be built on the North side of the TEP substation. TEP will not pay for any mural. May have to go through the city to have mural approved. Clay and Anna will meet with Karen to discuss funding options.

• Living Streets Alliance Update (15 min) – Traffic calming measures. Other than traffic circles or speed bumps. Cannot use official traffic circle on 1st, because of water and flooding during monsson. Potential traffic circle outlines bendable ballards. Painting asphalt where cars don’t drive. Such measures have been taken by Mission Manner Elementary School. City offers 5 speed humps per year, per ward, for $500 each.

• Block Pal Update (5 min) -14 current block pals to distribute neighborhood relevant info.

7. Approve April minutes – Minutes approved.

8. Adjourn – Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.