May 2020 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order

2. Sign-In & Introductions

3. Treasurer's Report


4. Announcements - 7:00 pm

• Food waste being dumped at corner of 1st and 9th. Christy Voelkel is in process of addressing it with staff of nearby Sahara Apts.

• Public Library has re-opened.

• Christy Voelkel and Natasha Winnik working on noise reduction efforts at building on Stone & 2nd st. Christy was able to get noise reduced to a workable minimum.

• Tucson Police Department (TPD) Update—Lt. Mickey Peterson presents on local Anza Park issues—particularly related to the COVID pandemic on exacerbating an already alarming rate of drug use, homelessness, and lack of safety/security. For info and copy of presentation, please email Lt. Peterson at Ideas presented on ways to make park safer and more sustainable. Asking for Dunbar Spring Neighborhood Association input on park improvement measures and possibly join TPD on committee for park improvement. Will also ask input from non-profit agencies (e.g., Old Pueblo) on how to incorporate input from folks experiencing homelessness. Andres Portela and Lt. Peterson promise to send out list of resources for those experiencing homelessness and/or drug addiction.

5. Committee Reports

a. DNARC—Postponed for next month.

b. Downtown Links—See Ward 1 informational items update below.

c. Dunbar Coalition—Postponed for next month.

d. Neighborhood Foresters—Postponed for next month.

e. 11th Ave—See Ward 1 informational items update below.

6. Discussion

a. Ward 1 informational items (10 min)—Re: Downtown Links: Will a public forum take place, so they can add a line item for arts/culture to get those murals added back onto plans? With COVID, asked for at least an e- forum but haven’t heard back. Andres will ask and report back to us. Re: Main Ave. Road Diet: Funded by Prop 101. Bid went out on May 15th. RFP for bids (which is on city’s website) may circulate for 1 or 2 months and before decisions made and construction initiated. Construction to last only about 5 months. Natasha asks about transparency with drawings. Andres will ask for drawings to be shared with us. Re: 11th Ave: Andres has draft of RFP. He will share with us and also promised RFP will not go to Mayor/Council before we see it. Email Andres for more info on any issue at

b. VisionQuest update (10 min)—VisionQuest School, an alternative type of schooling which has contracted with Office of Refugee Resettlement to provide healthcare and education to unaccompanied minors who crossed border without a legal guardian, is leasing space at Dunbar Pavilion this fall from 8am-3pm, Mon-Fri. Discussion around lack of transparency in notifying community of presence of VisionQuest. Questions over whether mission of VisionQuest aligns with mission of Dunbar Pavilion. Many organizations (including Dunbar Spring Neighborhood Association and local Juneteenth committee) lack knowledge to support this cause and question quality of curriculum and housing provided to young girls (served in this particular case). Asking for oversight committee (including behavioral specialist) to maintain quality of VisionQuest program. Request representatives of Dunbar Pavilion and VisionQuest at the next June meeting to answer questions and increase transparency.

c. Web domain name renewal reimbursement VOTE (5 min)—Sky Jacobs presents information on need to renew web domain. Christy Voelkel motions to vote. Anna Cirell seconds motion. Motion passes, 8-0.

d. Nominations for June Election (5 min)—Sky discusses how nominations can also happen day of election (at next meeting of June 15th). If cannot attend meeting but wish to vote, please drop off at the address of 938 N Perry Ave. Meanwhile, Karen Greene proposes the following nominations: i. Joanna Williams for Parliamentarian, ii. Christy Voelkel for Secretary, iii. Natasha Winnik for Treasurer, iv. Anna Cirell for Vice President, v. Clay Morgan for President - 7:30 p.m.

7. Approve March minutes—Postponed for next month.

8. Adjourn - 8:29 p.m