November 2017

Minutes Date


Public hearings:


  • December 5th about sign code
  • Urban agriculture text amendment
  • Feldman Neighborhood hearing November 28th to fight against proposed high-rise on the northwest corner of Euclid and Speedway (meeting is at 6pm at the church at the corner).


Treasurer’s Report

Same amount as always in account: $1446.01


Dunbar Spring 100th Anniversary Home Tour and Celebration

Sunday, December 3rd from 1-3pm. There will be a postcard in the mail announcing the event. There will also be an info sheet. After the tour there will be a special meeting about 11th Avenue with food. The proposal was using Caridad Kitchen, but they were already booked. Natasha’s friend is a caterer, Joy Vargo, and could also cater the event. There will be fruit, veggies, Barrio Bread, black bean dip, tepary bean hummus, goat cheese and basil pesto, and gluten free crackers. The platters will serve about 50 people for $150.

There are either 54 or 56 existing structures in the neighborhood that are over 100 years old. There will be a map on the website with addresses, photos, and (when available) names and occupations of 1917 residents. The map will be color coded in five year increments.

The order for the tour will be along the streets (with possibly a second tour later that is chronological). In subsequent years, houses will be added to the map as they turn 100. There was some discussion about this event being an annual one. There was also discussion about ways to flag the houses that are included in the tour, such as chalk on the street (perhaps just for those that are turning exactly 100).

There was a suggestion to put in an announcement in the Arizona Daily Star.

M(Natasha)/S (Lisa)/A. Motion to reallocate the catering money for the special December 3rd meeting to pay Joy Vargo instead of Caridad Kitchen. Motion approved by unanimous assent.

11th Ave Special Meeting Update

Originate has offered to host the special 11th Avenue meeting. It will be a discussion of the RFP for an affordable housing development on 11th Avenue. The neighborhood needs to choose priorities for the RFP. The meeting will be from 3:30pm-5:30pm. There are different spaces in which people can sit, so once folks serve themselves food they will form smaller groups to discuss the 11th Avenue priorities. Each small group will then put priorities on sticky notes on a board. Joanna will bring easel.

Natasha is working on a quarter page to advertise. An admin on the Facebook page will post about the event.

Neighborhood Clean Up (Nov 30 – Dec 4)

This clean-up is not officially organized. There will be two dumpsters available, one on 11th Ave south of 2nd. The other on 9th Ave south of 1st St. Neighbors are invited to use as they see fit. Talk to your neighbors and invite them to work together to clean up different areas. The dumpster is only for trash, not recyclables. Trash should be bagged and nothing toxic (no paint or batteries).

Tree Planting Follow Up

There were about fifteen neighbors, U of A students (who were hardworking) and other community members. There were technical difficulties with the mini excavator, so fewer trees were planted than expected. But the basins were well dug by hand. They did three right of ways. The lady who bought the building on 9th and University will turn it into an Air B and B. Someone from KRAZ TV came out and documented the project.

Brad was featured in the Arizona Daily Star.

Verizon Update

The neighborhood has sent letters to the councilmembers about opposition to the project. Natasha and Karen have meetings with Fimbres, Kozachik, Shirley Scott and possibly Paul Cunningham. The zoning examiner denied Verizon’s request, so it will be easier for the councilmembers to vote down the project. The final report of the zoning examiner has the transcript of the meetings.

Verizon is asking for an exception, so doesn’t have strong legal ground to sue. So it is possible that the neighborhood will win against Verizon.

Once there is a date for the meeting for the mayor and council vote, Karen will advise the neighborhood.

Possibly if Verizon is denied this exception, they will do mini cell towers. Perhaps they could have done that in the first place. A number of other neighborhoods are winning against cell companies. Verizon could choose to accept the neighborhood’s suggestions, but probably will not.

Committee Reports

DNARC – There was a presentation about the Feldman’s neighborhood project and the Honors College. A private developer bought the land, the neighborhood was opposed, the developer gave the land to the U of A (which doesn’t have to comply with to local zoning or pay impact fees or property taxes). It will be three pieces on three blocks: housing, parking and a rec center. The development will be six stories. The U of A has an approved campus plan from 2003 (updated in 2009) and the proposed development is in violation of the plan. But there is no way to stop the project because the Board of Regents has approved it and since the land is state-owned there is nothing the city can do. Demolition is imminent. Many city, county, and state elected officials were in opposition to no avail.

In Iron horse there have been problems around Snake Bridge (including a murder). There may be a development in the Maloney’s parking lot. There may be student housing at 6th Street and 4th Avenue, which may require demolishing Flycatcher. It could be this project is not financially viable. Barrio Anita has not had an active neighborhood association and a triangle plot of land near the school has always been intended for use by students and neighbors. But now someone purchased the land and with the lack of a neighborhood association it was difficult to block those plans.

Downtown Links – City Transportation Department has applied for a low whistle zone. Individuals can submit opinions on the low whistle zone. The neighborhood will vote on a position in the December meeting. The final meeting with the Arizona Corporation Commission will be in Phoenix on February 14th. Low whistle means that trains would only blow their whistle if there are issues with guard rails lowering or if there is someone standing on the tracks.

WAMO – No updates

Neighborhood Garden – The light is fixed in the Ramada (thanks to Tim and Mike).

Dunbar Coalition – The Dunbar Coalition is working on new MOUs with tenants. Having the tenants on the board may be a conflict of interest, so they may restructure to have a tenant committee that reports to the Board. The names on the bank account will be changed. The Dunbar Coalition was not approved for the Tohono O’odham grant. September 18th at the Fox Theater they are considering an event and looking to invite a big ticket performer. Barbius is in limbo because of price increases. Debi may have been approved for the position. Natasha recommended mentioning at the next meeting that neighbors would like the barber school students to stop parking their cars haphazardly and leaving trash.

Speedway/Stone – No updates.

11th Ave Parcel – See above.

Walkability – Fixed one walkability issue as part of the tree planting. The rocks blocking the sidewalk on 11th Ave were used for tree basins.

Neighborhood Foresters – See above. Tree pruning workshop February 10th.

October Minutes

M(Ezra)/S(Jacqueline)/A. Motion to approve the October minutes. Motion passed with 10 yes votes and 1 abstention.