October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes Date

1. Call to Order

2. Sign-In & Introductions

3. Treasurer's Report

• $1089.67

4. Announcements - 7:00 pm

• Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is developing plans for a new transmission line to help satisfy growing energy needs, support the University of Arizona and University Medical Center Tucson – Banner, and strengthen electric reliability for TEP customers within and near the project study area. Project is identifying a route for Kino to DeMoss-Petrie (Kino-DMP) 138-Kilovolt (kV) Transmission Line, which will connect the Kino Substation to the existing DeMoss-Petrie Substation. There will be a Transmission line meeting at Quincy Douglas. TEP is looking for anybody to sit in on their board 3-4 meetings on Thursday evenings. Involvement may include a total of five meetings.

• Pima County Community Land Trust has become part of HUD. They are looking for Neighborhood Advocates concerned about gentrification to come together and learn and strategize. Are you concerned about you and your neighbors being priced out of your homes? Wish you could do more to fight back in the face of gentrification? Organizers who complete their commitment will be granted a stipend and also be granted money to use to organize in their neighborhood. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScTBCOh0IMbMt- vHbA6lJIpzsjXmMy_if5tSZtQDlVuHPH4QQ/viewform. Applications due October 10 (maybe too late)

• Proposed cleanup at Oury Park the morning of picnic on Sunday, November 10th.

• Local paper put out a map of old historic graves found in Dunbar. Dunbar is unique in that it is located atop historic graves, where thousands of people are still buried. Cemetery was operating from 1875-1909. Cemetery was bordered by Speedway on the north, Stone Avenue on the east, Second St on the south and Main Ave on the west.

5. Committee Reports

a. DNARC – Parade of lights is Saturday November 30th. Library looking for participants/volunteers. Cyclovia is Sunday October 27th. Route will head up N. 12th.

b. Downtown Links — Postponed for next month.

c. WAMO — Postponed for next month.

d. Neighborhood Garden — Postponed for next month.

e. Dunbar Coalition — Received $100,000 grant from Lewis Foundation, used for auditorium improvements. Looking to amend bylaws so minimum quorum to hold meetings is seven instead of ten.

f. Walkability — Postponed for next month.

g. Neighborhood Foresters — Tree trimming took place in and around Dunbar neighborhood. Workshop on tree trimming led by Aleck MacKinnon from the Pedaling Arborist. Tree planting to take place in January.

h. TPD Update — Attempted motorcycle stop resulted in a suspect pursuit into Dunbar.

6. Discussion — 7:30 p.m.

a. Main Ave. Resurfacing Project update with Blake Olofson (20 min) — Project to be undertaken “soon.” Main will be restriped and reduced to single lane traffic with bike lane delineation and 16 parking spots and crosswalks. Remaining questions (which will be answered by City of Tucson Engineering folks) are the following: Will there be flexible delineators along the buffer area? If so, what type? When will the project start? How long will it take to complete?

b. Three Neighborhood Picnic (5 min) — Ramada reserved at Oury park. Beer permit acquired for canned beer (thanks to Karen).

c. Block pals and picnic flyer distribution (8 min) — Need folks to distribute flyers for Three Neighborhood Picnic. Need more Block pals.

d. Neighborhood timeline and possible facilitated discussion (10 min) — Intention to include former students of Dunbar school and older residents to create a timeline of the school and neighborhood sometime in January/February 2020. Intention is to share knowledge and work together on neighborhood projects.

e. Need for graphic designer for meeting signs and help with welcome flyer (10 min) — Update on cost of signs (double-sided 10 signs= $8 each). Graphic designer for signs chosen. Welcome brochure approved and will be printed courtesy of the Salvation Army.

7. Approve September minutes

8. Adjourn 7:45 p.m