Posted: 2013-01-06
Town West has a development proposal for the area known as the Franklin Docks, where the All Souls procession used to end. They came to the D/S mmonthly meeting in Dec. to show a preliminary idea of what they would like to put on the site. Images are from what was presented to the neighborhood at that meeting.Here are notes from the meeting regarding the development: "Raul Reyes from Town West…
Posted: 2012-10-24
See this current map of proposed design of Downtown Links (Aviation Highway extension) showing the expanded culvert as well as shared use path.
Posted: 2012-10-21
Event Date:
Desert Harvesters’ Tenth Annual Mesquite Millingand Fiesta (See other upcoming events in our new calendar!)Bake sale times: 9 am – noonMilling times: 8 am – 2 pmWhere: Dunbar/Spring Organic Community Garden, Tucson, AZ (see directions at bottom)Download the Desert Harvesters 2012 Fiesta Flyer (full-page…
Posted: 2012-08-10
Below are notes from Diana Rhoades at the Ward 1 about a proposed student housing project that would be located at the Franklin Street Docks area (where the Day of the Dead parade ends). An informational meeting was held on Aug. 8th, 2012. The development would be for ~750 students and would incorporate the land around the Steinfeld building as well. There are several partners in…
Posted: 2012-08-05
Thanks to everyone who participated in the pruning workshop and subsequent pruning work around the neighborhood! Over 15 people participated in the workshop and pruning of tree in the garden and elsewhere.Also thanks to the large number of people trimming their own yard and right-of-way trees who signed up to have their trimmings turned into mulch to enhance soils in our neighborhood.