Posted: 2014-07-11
Event Date:
Free for Dunbar/Spring residents, $5 for othersMeet at 813 N 9th Ave Led by Brad Lancaster We’ll show you how to collect, scarify (for germination), and plant native food tree seed within simple rainwater-harvesting earthworks in the public right-of-way to sustainably grow shade and enhanced habitat for people and wildlife. We’ll also plant multi-color flowering cacti with delicious fruits – a… See more
Posted: 2014-06-20
Desert Harvesters is organizing two events on June 22 (the peak of our native bean trees’ harvest season) to help people dramatically enhance the quality of their harvests, what they make with them, and how to better rhyme with the Sonoran Desert’s annual cycles in a way that enhances our shared home and biome. Toward that aim, we are also teaming up with local culinary businesses to increase… See more
Posted: 2014-04-20
Event Date:
The Living Street Alliance (LSA) will be conducting a ‘Walkability Assessment’ in the Dunbar Spring neighborhood in the coming weeks and this event is the first phase (see attached files for more details).First workshop is April 28th at 7pm at the Dunbar School - click on this story for more details.This is where neighbors and community members come together to brainstorm and give input on where… See more
Posted: 2014-03-15
What was it like to be African American in Tucson, Arizona during the forties and fifties?Long-time Dunbar resident Rita Elliot released a book, Tucson's Forgotten Generation, about growing up in Dunbar/Spring neighborhood in the 1940s and '50s. Read more or buy the book here.One little girl remembers. For young Rita, it was an adventure to travel every summer by train to hot, dusty Tucson.… See more
Posted: 2014-03-10
Event Date:
Nominations and elections for the neighborhood board are at April's meeting on April 21st. See our bylaws here (Article IV is regarding Elections and Article II is regarding Officers). If you are interested in serving on the board, come to this meeting.Meeting is held in the Dunbar School. Enter from the south by the SW corner of the school. The school is between Main and 11th Ave on the south… See more