Posted: 2018-04-11
Event Date:
Dunbar/Spring, Barrio Anita, and Parks and Recreation present: Sunset Picnic in the Park Sunday April 29th, 2018, 4pm-7pm Oury Recreation Center, 600 W St Mary's You and your family are invited to this neighborhood community building event. Meet and greet your Dunbar/Spring and Barrio Anita neighbors! Bring your own everything: chairs, dinner, drinks (we have a beer permit*), utensils,… See more
Posted: 2018-02-08
Event Date:
Plus, the opportunity to get your prunings chipped into mulch for an extremely reasonable donation Free Pruning & Mulching Workshop Starts at 9am at the Dunbar/Spring Community Garden/Orchard space (NW corner of 11th Ave and University Blvd). After demonstration we will then move to various parts of the neighborhood to get hands-on experience with Aleck as… See more
Posted: 2017-09-10
Event Date:
Help green our streets and walkways with water- and mulch- harvesting rain gardens planted with native, food-bearing shade trees which contribute to cooler neighborhood temperatures in summer, attract native song birds, reduce downstream flooding, beautify our community, sequester carbon, and clean our air, water, and soil. Tree Planting: Saturday, November 18, 2017 Meet at 7:… See more
Posted: 2017-09-09
Event Date:
2nd Annual Dunbar/Spring Curb Coring To direct street runoff to street-side tree basins for free irrigation and flood control The week of November 20, 2017 Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Foresters will work with the City of Tucson and a local contractor to cut 4-inch diameter curb core holes through the street curb to direct street runoff to existing street-side tree basins in the… See more
Posted: 2017-09-06
And big thanks to Omar Ore-Giron and Brad Lancaster for organizing the efforts. For all those who committed to donating for the chipper rental and service - be sure to get your payment to Brad ASAP.We had over 40 participants, excellent instruction by Pedaling Arborist Aleck MacKinnon, and we completed (during and before the workshop) much needed pruning (and removal of many invasive plants… See more