Posted: 2018-12-27
Event Date:
Time: 8:00 am for a planting demonstration, then keep going to various parts of the neighborhood. The demonstration will show you how to plant the rain to maximize its potential, how to plant food-bearing native trees by seed and/or with nursery stock to maximize passive summer shading/cooling, and how to recycle/plant prunings and leaves as fertility-building, carbon-sequestering, pollutant-… See more
Posted: 2018-10-28
Treasurer's Report: $100 was deducted for the Gentrification Forum. New balance is now $2,216.67 Announcements Lisa Scoblink is selling tickets for the Dunbar Pavilion Centennial Celebration on Sunday, November 11th for $100 each. The celebration is from 1-4pm. Lisa wants to reserve a table to represent the Dunbar Spring neighborhood. She is currently looking for people to contribute for the… See more
Posted: 2018-10-14
Treasurer's Report: $2321.67. In October $100 will be deducted by Karen Greene for the Gentrification project. Announcements: Union On 6th (formally Flycatcher) Submitted a new parking plan and Infill Incentive District plan both of which were approved. There are still some conditions that need to happen and anyone that opposes then have until Sept. 25th and… See more
Posted: 2018-09-19
Treasurer’s Report: $2,316.67 Announcements: Tucson Water; limited income assistance. Karen Greene passed around the income chart. Tucson Public Library; brief mention of August activities and workshops plus mention of open labs and entrepreneurial classes. De Anza Park Community Meeting happened August, 9th, 2018. Karen summarizes the intention of the meeting… See more
Posted: 2018-07-19
Treasurer’s Report: $2,351.01 There’s a question of how we get funds. Grants (for map of buildings that 100 years old), home tour funding, traffic mitigation money. Announcements: Union on 6th is applying for individual parking plan. Send in comments about parking plan by tomorrow (July 17) 5pm. Glenn from the City, has notes about the 11th Ave housing project. He is talking… See more